ESPN just Kane’t find right voice …

Evander Kane









June 6, 2020


Leave it to ESPN. It virtually ignores the NHL because it doesn’t hold any financial interests in it. But with the alleged murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis PD, ESPN’s “First Take” last week was able to land a black NHL player to speak about it.

Evander Kane, now with the San Jose Sharks, was indulged as if he were the ultimate expert on choosing right over wrong. To that end, he sounded good.

But as readers noted and as is TV’s habit Kane should have been among the last chosen to speak on issues of right from wrong.

With the Sabres in 2016, Kane was arrested for his part in a Buffalo bar brawl, allegedly fighting with a bouncer and grabbing an unarmed woman by the throat and trying to force her into a car. In the same incident, read the police report, Kane allegedly manhandled another woman.

He copped to a six-month adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, a six-month good behavior pledge.

He’d previously had hassles with his team, including a suspension for missing practice to attend the NBA All-Star Game.

Last year, Kane was sued by a Vegas casino for non-payment of $500,000 in gambling markers he allegedly blew through while the Sharks were in Vegas for a playoff series against the Golden Knights.

Naturally, not even a whisper of this during the interview. Another blow for journalism.


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