Vancouver Radio PPM’s .. Feb. 24 – May 24 2020


Demographic: A12+
Geography: Vancouver CTRL
Data type: Respondent

Average Daily Universe …. 2,369,000

Station                                           AMA (000)    Daily Cume (000)       Share (%)       Trend

CKNW           (News/Talk)             14.8                   172.4                                  16.1                 +1.5

CBU+        (CBC Radio One)       12.3                    171.4                                 13.4                 +0.4

CJJRFM        (JR Country)              8.5                    116.5                                   9.2                 +2.1

CFMIFM     (Rock 101)                    7.3                    178.9                                  8.0                 +0.4

CHQMFM    (QM/FM)                    7.0                   209.8                                   7.7                  -4.5

CFOXFM     (Alt. Rock)                    5.1                    120.5                                  5.5                 +0.8

CFBTFM      (Virgin Radio)             4.8                   179.8                                  5.2                 +0.1

CKWX            (News 1130)              4.1                    140.5                                  4.5                 +0.5

CKZZFM        (Z95.3)                        3.9                    132.7                                   4.2                 +0.3

CJAXFM       (Jack FM)                    3.8                   147.4                                   4.2                  -0.4

CKPKFM       (The Peak)                  3.7                    80.8                                   4.0                 +1.0

CBUFM       (CBC Music)                 3.6                     58.6                                  3.9                 +0.9

CKKSFM       (KiSS 104.9)               3.1                   118.7                                  3.4                  -0.2

CHLGFM     (The Breeze)               2.6                     84.7                                  2.8                  -0.7

KWPZFM   (Praise FM/Lynden) 2.6                    48.2                                   2.8                 -0.3

CKST              (TSN 1040)                1.7                     37.9                                    1.9                 -0.6

CISL              (Sportsnet 650)          0.4                    16.8                                   0.4                 -1.1

CFTE            (BNN Bloomberg)     0.4                    13.5                                   0.4                   n.c

CHMJ           (All Traffic)                   0.3                    28.5                                   0.3                 -0.6

Spill Stations: CKKSFM (Vancouver/Chilliwack), KWPZFM (Vancouver/Abbotsford)
February 24, 2020 – May 24, 2020
Average Daily Universe: 2,369,000
PPM Top-line Radio Statistics

Average Minute Audience (000): Expressed in thousands, this is the average number of persons exposed to a radio station during an average minute. Calculated by adding all the individual minute audiences together and dividing by the number of minutes in the daypart.
Average Daily Cume (000): Expressed in thousands, this is the average number of unique listeners who were exposed tothe station for at least one minute during an average day. Calculated by adding the number of unique listeners each dayand dividing it by the number of days in the analysis.
Share: Within a central market area, the estimated total hours tuned to that station expressed as a percentage of total hours tuned to Total Encoded Radio.
Average Daily Universe: The average daily universe for the analyzed period. The universe is expressed as daily averages because it changes slightly daily as the intab changes.


  1. Im thinking ? that the breeze 104.3 is going to be toast very soon ratings are terrible right near the bottom of all stations ?????

  2. LG 104.3 was a fun classic hits station that was trending upwards every ratings period. Vancouver has always been a chill place. The Breeze is meh. The imaging telling us to relax is cheesy. No wonder the station’s new nick name is 1043 “The Cheese”.

  3. I agree with these comments kinda. I figure 104.3s next move would be a r&b/urban station like the beat was back in the day or a south asian channel, and the format change would happen sooner than later since simonas at the helm, and it wont be oldies of any kind. What else can I say?

  4. How about Rogers three stations in this market! Kiss,Jack, News 1130, about 12% combined, how sad is that. The staff are working hard, its always been a problem with the management on Ash Street.

  5. 25-54

    ROCK 101 10.5
    93 7 JR Country 8.8
    103.5 QM fm 8.2
    cknw 8.0
    102 7 Peak 7.6
    94.5 Virgin (Beat) Radio 7.4
    Jack fm 6.0
    Z95.3FM 5.4
    KiSS Radio 104.9 5.1
    CBC Radio One 5.0
    News (CKWX) 1130 4.4
    Praise 106.5, Praise 106 4.3
    TSN 1040 2.1
    104.3 Breeze 1.7
    CBC Radio 2 / CBC Music 1.5
    SportsNet 650 .5
    ICI musique .3
    AM730 .3
    Bloomberg Radio .0

  6. Thanks Haskel for posting that 25-54 numbers. Why the hell are we posting A12+? IT DOESN’T MATTER.

    25-54 is the money demo. That’s literally all that matters. Stop making judgement on A12+

  7. Top Dog Again!!! Where are all those negative people who have been slamming NW for many years??Smyth & Bennet are like having fresh air & I think they are the reason NW is surging

  8. Avid

    I really hesitate to bring you back to reality here but the reason CKNW are doing better is because they finally realized they needed to make changes .

    Please understand that a significant amount of the line up at CKNW changed and that is why the ratings are improved .

    I am quite sure that NW management received thousands of e mails, tests, calls, tweets, and what ever else that strongly suggested that Michael smyth and Jill Bennet be hired for full time regular spots and they actually listened .

    The best part for me is the fact that both Bennett and Smyth are more or less middle of the road and they encourage the argument the discussion and the debate .

    You have defeated your own argument within the same two sentences .

    As Bruce might say Avid, “Time for a Reality Check” .

  9. I figure 730 should switch to 60s and 70s oldies under the lg brand name. Certainly might happen if and when 104.3 changes. The letters “lg” still resonates with many vancouverites. And maybe 104.9 will go easy listening afterward.

  10. Here is A25-54 including the #1 station!!

    CFOX 11.0
    ROCK 101 10.5
    93 7 JR Country 8.8
    103.5 QM fm 8.2
    cknw 8.0
    102 7 Peak 7.6
    94.5 Virgin (Beat) Radio 7.4
    Jack fm 6.0
    Z95.3FM 5.4
    KiSS Radio 104.9 5.1
    CBC Radio One 5.0
    News (CKWX) 1130 4.4
    Praise 106.5, Praise 106 4.3
    TSN 1040 2.1
    104.3 Breeze 1.7
    CBC Radio 2 / CBC Music 1.5
    SportsNet 650 .5
    ICI musique .3
    AM730 .3
    Bloomberg Radio .0

  11. So what’s a big difference between CKNW and the Breeze?

    Well, they’re completely different stations, of course. But regardless, the difference in management is evident. One station is in touch with their listeners. The other isn’t.

    The only reason 104.3 hasn’t gone through a complete overhaul yet is that it’s counterpart in Edmonton is doing well. What works in one market, though, doesn’t necessarily work in another. 103.5 is great at marketing and isn’t going away.

    The problem with the old LG wasn’t the format, it was the lack of variety. That could have been improved without at overhaul, but obviously management wanted a slightly younger market. The new format had the potential to include a far broader playlist. Well, it’s broad in the sense of spanning many decades but they’ve shaken up their playlist very little since the beginning of the year.

    At least 103.5 genuinely plays uncommon listener requests from 9pm-1am. And 104.3 ? Their advertising says “songs you haven’t heard in years” but I listen to them regularly (partly because Kelly in the morning is great) and can say that’s very definitely no longer the case for any regular listener.

    Say what you want about talk radio, but the big upside is that with a well-managed talk station, you hear something different every day. That’s less common with music stations these days but not impossible. Maybe 104.3 will learn that one of these days.

  12. I agree with nicolas on this one. For management speaks- some people want 50s 60s 70s oldies, some people want 60s and 70s oldies with two or three 80s hits thrown in like krko 1380 from everett is, and I want a true easy listening station from 60s to today with a 50s 60s 70s oldie show on weekends like kiss fm was before the switchover to jack fm or what the jewel radio network is back east but management and the licence from the crtc is on an inferior jack fm clone with no name blues songs most nights (lg 104.3 pre christmas 2018), an inferior qmfm clone with no name smooth jazz songs every night (lg 104.3 since july 2019 in particular), or an urban music station with nights dedicated to “porno crap” or a south asian hit music channel (what 104.3 might be soon at this rate, given simonas now program director) unfortunately.

  13. Whats with Sportsnet 650? Not that 1040 is much better but both stations must be losing money unless staff have agreed to big paycuts. A 2-2.5 share for sports radio is abysmal. Cant totally blame CV either as the ratings stunk before the virus.

  14. NW is moving in the right direction. Still need to find someone better than Steel. Still need to find better part timers than Vance and Chapman.
    The balance dial is moving towards the center

  15. mark

    I am not in the industry but I believe a big part of the problem for radio, sports radio, tv, night clubs, bars, sports participation in general, attendance for professional or amateur sports, and so much mores is being dramatically affected by the drop off in participation by mostly say under 35 year old males who care absolutely nothing about anything but X Box and other similar activities .

    Males under 35 for the most would never consider playing hockey, football, baseball, basketball, golf, or listening or watching any form of any of them .

    Nightclubs and bars are dying on the vine for the same reason and many other industries and activities will suffer for the same reasons .

    As more mature watchers and listeners grow old I would not expect to see an uptick in any activity in anything that would benefit from younger male participants, they are far too content sitting in the dark in Mommies basement .

    Watch and see .

  16. Mark…

    650’s problem is brand name. They made poor hiring choices (choices based on demographics of the local market and not on talent) out of the gate and they never outperformed what 1040 had to offer.

    They’d flip over to 650 for the Canuck broadcast but would quickly head back to TSN radio. The nice thing for 1040 is that they loosened up once the rights left and when the team is terrible for three years, it’s virtually impossible for the rights holder to keep ears locked to them with “everything is great” when they are one of the worst teams in the league over a five year stretch.

  17. BMCQ,

    What a bad take.

    “Males under 35 for the most would never consider playing hockey, football, baseball, basketball, golf, or listening or watching any form of any of them .”

    Have you seen what demo drives the ratings for the NBA? Or that those under 35 are flocking to sports again because of the massive rise in sports gambling.

  18. At this rate, because of delays of the installment of the original cksp 600 tower in cloverdale, looks like 650 AM might soon be sold to sher e punjab and change to south asian. In other words, it might do exactly the same as 980 AM from l.a. What else can I say?

  19. The NBA is recently unique to that demo the rest do not show that, the stats are there to see .

    If what you say is factual then you can come back in A year and show us how that age group are buying tickets, attending all of those sports, betting on line, and listening to radio talk and listening to radio game broadcasts and watching sports on tv .

    I can hardly wait to see your report back here in a year .

    BTW – Just exactly where do you believe those say under3r years or so will get the money to gamble on-line, pay rent, buy groceries, and X Box or whatever the latest game format might be .

    Oops, I forgot they live in their mommies basement so rent is more than likely not going to be An issue so it will be seasons tickets for the Canucks then on top of on line gambling .

    What a bright future they will have, makes me envious .

  20. How many people are listening to CKNW at a specific time of the day ?
    Say 3 pm on a Tuesday.
    Do we divide the Daily Cume of 172.4 by 12 hours, to get a guesstimate ?
    That would be around 14,000.
    That’s not a lot of listeners in a population of 3 million.
    Any Industry Professionals that can chime in on the math here……

  21. The only real worthwhile Broadcaster I chime into once in awhile that keeps NW above water with some semblence of balance and guts for the job is Smythe. Otherwise anything from 530 am to 900 pm except between 900am to 12 is softy fluffy goo broadcasting. The spine is just not there to deal with the needed tougher stuff and questioning for my liking . But hell, that’sjust my thing.


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