THE LIBERAL/PROGRESSIVE SEATTLE TIMES is a left wing propaganda publication! by Sparky Taft


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by Sparky Taft
June 3, 2020

Yesterday morning, The Times ran an editorial that was blatantly biased against President Trump. I wrote the Editors an E-mail calling them out. Here it is:

Once upon a time, The Seattle Times was a very good newspaper. Sadly, in recent years, The Seattle Times has degenerated into a left wing liberal/progressive propaganda publication. Today’s editorial typifies the newspapers blatant bias and political distortion.

The FACT is President Trump will likely be judged in history as THE best President in modern history based upon his achievements. He has been been challenged with obstacles no other recent President has faced. He built the strongest economy in history in just 3 years. Then, suddenly, the Covid-19 pandemic hits world-wide. America was NOT prepared because the previous Presidents, especially Obama, had not taken preventive steps on medical supplies and technology. President Trump took swift action, banning travel from China. The liberals and even many GOP’s howled calling him names and criticizing the actions as unnecessary.

President Trump brought private industry and technology together to work with government agencies to fight the Covid-19 crisis – a feat NO Democrat could ever accomplish. NOW, the so-called “protests”. There are many people doing legitimate peaceful protests, BUT, the far left extremist groups, including Antifa, have been taking advantage of the senseless murder of a Black man in Minneapolis to RIOT, LOOT, set Police vehicles on fire – all in the attempt to create chaos and FEAR!

These fear-mongering extremists intentionally picked liberal/progressive cities to attack – all because they believed the Police would not be allowed to respond or defend their cities. They were right. In most cities, Police stood by WATCHING while their cities were being badly harmed and citizens, including legal protesters, being put in harms way. The Mayors and Governors in these cities and states have NOT taken aggressive action to STOP these riots, pillaging and crimes, SO President Trump has said IF the cities and states do NOT take firm action, he will be forced to take Federal action. Some of the cities have responded only yesterday taking stronger Police action.

YOUR editorial today, to ME, supports the violence and crime. Your editorial is not only way off the mark, it is ludicrous, misleading and more liberal/progressive garbage. The GOOD news is not many people will read it. The circulation of The Seattle Times has plummeted in recent years, where even prior to Covid-12, The Times is often no thicker than a throw-away advertising flyer.

Shame on you! The Seattle Times is part of the PROBLEM, NOT the solution.

By the way, MY background is broadcasting. I am professionally considered one of the most successful and highly respected marketing and advertising people on the west coast. I have clients advertising in 30 markets and over 60 TV stations coast-to-coast. In years past, my radio stations were selected the best radio news three times in the State of Washington. I am very qualified to make my comments and judgements.



  1. Assuming we survive the back door Marxist revolution care of the casting couch class in Hollywood, the censorship loving Marxist servants in Silicon Valley (all wealthy white males that run the Democrat party and give nothing of their billions to truly solve world poverty) it will be nice if we aren’t sent to gulags as Democrats and laugh and giggle on CNN with their “reporter” friends about how stupid all the racists are they have to execute.

    Small jump from fornication and killing babies to killing neighbors for wrongthink or Christianity as communists often do.

  2. up until the 80’s i read the Seattle Times because it provided to my thinking the best coverage and let me make up my own mind. Since then it’s become hard left leaning and very biased.
    There is no balance and as a result, I haven’t read this feckless collection of garbage since then. it’s as if you report it and then I have to decide if you are telling the truth this time or not. it’s sad what you all did to a once great paper in the name of liberalism. your slow demise will be the natural consequence of your inability to provide accurate reporting without the spin.

  3. EVERY newspaper in America is now on the hard left of national politics because the hard left occupies almost every mainstream media outlet’s newsroom and editor positions. The theory is lefties are easier to con than conservatives with opinion and advertising content and therefore you make more money by pandering to them. That’s why msm OWNERS employ lefties. The left never stops wanting change and change creates media stories which translates to the big 3 r’s – ratings, readership and revenue. The house is about to collapse however because politics is a numbers game, and when it comes to scrutineering vote counts, Republicans don’t do stoopid twice in consecutive cycles. Look out for out of work leftie celeb news opinionistas very soon. Also, this time fake mail bombs sent to up-there Democrats in 2018 will not stop the tide of sheer fury emanating from east to west and north to south. Soros Inc funding will also be swept away with it.

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