Media Distortions, Misrepresentations and Outright Lies! by Sparky Taft



by Sparky Taft

May 16, 2929

I am a media expert. I do business with top TV executives all over the country. In years past, I was General Manager of 8 radio stations and owned my own station. My radio stations were named best news reporting in the State of Washington 3 times.

To ME, it is absolutely disgusting how biased and slanted many so called “mainstream” media have become. Newspapers have always been quite liberal, but in recent years, they have moved further and further LEFT. Many TV news networks have moved extreme left too. The worst offenders are CNN and MSNBC, but CBS, NBC and ABC are close behind.

These liberal media have not liked Donald J. Trump since before he was elected in 2016. They intentionally and willfully distort and sensationalize almost anything President Trump does or says. I have NO objection to legitimate criticisms of Trump. I don’t always agree with things he says or does. BUT, to intentionally distort FACTS to try and smear the President is NOT good journalism – it is POLITICAL PROPAGANDA.

Sean Hannity frequently says “journalism is dead in America”. He is close to the truth. In Russia and other state run countries, media is controlled. In America, media is supposed to be FREE SPEACH. But there is a stark difference between reporting “NEWS” and turning a news “story” into a political HIT PIECE.

Adolph Hitler believed “if you tell a lie often enough and loud enough, people will believe the lies as TRUTH”. Many liberal media have adopted the same philosophy. In particular, CNN and MSNBC have radical left reporters, commentators who repeatedly push sensationalism FAKE news “stories” even though their smears have been proven FALSE.

SO, my message is – do NOT believe what you read or see on TV. IF claims are made, investigate for yourself. You can NOT trust the media today. To ME, it is very sad.




  1. I am not a conspiracy theorist. I observe and speculate. I said 5 years ago that the Deep State would be exposed and that they would use a Bio Weapon to try to keep their power. Don’t really care if you call me a liar or not.

    We need to defeat these people. They are outnumbered 10,000 – 1. RESIST. Do NOT comply. Do NOT turn in your guns. It’s the only way the world stays free. We will win. But it’s going to hurt.

  2. I have to disagree with a large part of this post.
    The Trump camp also identifies with, “if you tell a lie often enough and loud enough, people will believe the lies as TRUTH”. It’s a good thing there are people who not only don’t subscribe to this theory but also take an active part in pointing out the lies and mistruths.

    As for, ” Do NOT turn in your guns. It’s the only way the world stays free.” I just disagree. Period.

  3. Terry,

    Can you be more specific about the Trump camp propagating the lies of, “if you tell a lie often enough and loud enough, people will believe the lies” Please provide examples with links.
    I believe your eyes are out of focus labeling the wrong team. The fact is, that is what the democrats motto is. They lie and lie and lie. All they want is power, and screw the public. Personally I believe the Dems are Satan’s party. They will be defeated and brought down, including Obama, the Clintons, Comey, Brannan Clapper, Adam Shift, Pelosi, and many many others.


  4. Hey Alan…did you ever notice when the Dems were in power, the Reps called them a bunch of lying SOB’S, and now vice versa? That’s politics since America was born.
    For anyone to suggest one side lies less than the other is delusional…

  5. How many journalists have gone from high hopes of make the world a better place, to realizing that for the most part, they are just part of a propaganda machine.

    For example, you would think that the Media would be excited to give us hope that the Corona virus effects and responses may be near the end because medical science is giving us some tools to work with.

    However, they do get excited over some super-expensive, historically (for corona virii) poor performing and dangerous vaccines, all the while pooh-poohing a drug (HCQ) that is cheap and being used by a number of European countries.

    The CBC scrolling text says “Trump touts unproven drug for …..”
    The CBC could just as easily say, and with more veracity “Trump touts promising drug for…”

    It’s almost as if there is an agenda.


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