Nolte: CNN’s Jake Tapper Was a Willing #Obamagate Co-Conspirator

Jake Tapper


by John Nolte

May 15, 2020

CNN’s Jake Tapper didn’t just spend the last few years deliberately spreading fake news about the now-debunked Russia Collusion Hoax; we must never forget he was also a willing #Obamagate co-conspirator.

Although he eagerly participated in spreading disinformation and deliberately deceiving the public with lies about President Trump conspiring with Russia to steal the presidency, Tapper also actively worked with the #Obamagate conspirators — the disgraced James Comey, John Brennan, Adam Schiff, Susan Rice, James Clapper, Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, Peter Strzok, and the rest — to facilitate the conspiracy, to further an active coup to overturn the 2016 presidential election.

I’m not even talking about the countless goddamn times this goddamned Deep State Stooge allowed Adam Schiff and countless others to come on his basement-rated CNNLOL show to accuse Trump of conspiring with Russians and do so without ever once paying a price for not producing even a tiny bit of evidence to back up that allegation. (Spoiler alert: there was never any evidence, not even a tiny bit.)

I’m not even talking about all the goddamned lies this goddamned Deep State Stooge told, one goddamned lie after another after another after another after another

I’m not even talking about the naked McCarthyism this goddamned Deep State Stooge engaged in for years.

No, what I’m talking about is this goddamned Deep State Stooge directly colluding with the Brennans, with the Comeys, directly conniving with the Obama administration, to put in place one of the most crucial parts of the four-part plan to overthrow the 2016 presidential election.

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  1. Tapper, Le Mon, Anderson, and the rest are still fighting the 2016 U.S. Election and they will continue right up until this coming Nov Election Day, that is what they almost all do at CNN, WAPO, NYT, MSNBC, NBC, BBC, Global, and the rest of their ilk, that is what they do .

  2. Not only do I find the original comment offensive and full of bad language, but I also find it repeated several times over. For example: “Deep State Stooge.” To agree with the author just makes matters worse. And, for clarity, I am not American nor am I a leftie.

  3. Terry,
    The media lies to you and you don’t seem to care.
    Yet you are offended by the lying media being called out.
    Are you an “Industry Professional” ?

  4. seems that the terrys have one and only one mission. Create a diversion to steer people away from the obvious truth. Some are accomplished at this task, terry is not

  5. Yo Fake…remember, this is Breitbart News reporting. They don’t lean in any direction, right?
    The left & right media are equal opportunity liars!

  6. What I find outrageous is that the left just flat out lies and other than Fox and a few other print and online sources calling them on it they get away with it. That media left are hypocrites. This media left ARE not reporters and wouldn’t know how to spell truth if you gave them the first four letters of the word. Nor I am an American but the democrats and their stooge media have done nothing but try to get rid of Trump at any cost. Same stupid “gotcha” questions from the media left but now things are getting interesting with the new Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. She has turned the tables on those fake reporters. Sadly this profession has turned into nothing but posers. Oh how I miss real reporters who dug for stories and gave fair and equal reporting.

  7. Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is bought and paid for. She’s guested on so many TV ‘news’ programs for the past almost 4 years Trump thought she should get paid for her inane comments. She won’t have any trouble keeping her job. She just has to open her mouth.

  8. Terry
    her inane comments!!!, wtf are you talking about? You forgot to mention she’s a lawyer and a true American Patriot. You mentioned in another thread you’re not a leftie, I call BS on that lie. You’re the closest thing to a snowflake I’ve ever come across. And an obvious Trump hater. Liar liar, pants on fire.

  9. Poor Jake is one of the worse, ever notice how he now when he is on air he now always has that look on his face like he has just eaten a “Mixed Mystery Meat Double Double Burger” out of a Wuhan Wet Market ?

    Not sure just how much lower the CNN Ratings can fall but they look like they are in serious trouble .

    The Drip, Drip, Drip, of the fallout from “Russia Gate” and the “Trumped Up” Michael Flynn Conviction pieced together by the Obama DOJ, Susan Rice, Strozk, Page, Clapper, Brennen, Loretta Lynch, Schiff, Nancy, Shummer, and a dozen or so more Dems should give media much to cover and report over the next 6 months .

  10. The Breitbart story is truly way, way over the line with GD. I am a Christian AND Trump supporter who never takes the Lord’s name in vain. That being said…Tapper is certainly in a long line of horribly biased reporters on that pathetic network.


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