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Here is my latest video on the uncovering of millions of $$ sent to the Wuhan lab under the control of Dr. Fauci and in Canada, Trudeau sent hundreds of thousands of $$ which helped create the crisis we are facing. Dr. Tam continues to mishandle the situation as she places her loyalty to the World Health Organization over the citizens of Canada. Where does her loyalty lie? It’s time to fire Dr. Fauci … and … Dr. Theresa Tam.
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  1. Ms. Thompson should be credited with presenting a point of view that can easily be witnessed by examining observable facts and using good common sense. In other words, throwing the TV out the window and having a look for yerself, as the saying goes. I am in the health care business and knowledgeable in the fields that are affected by the coronavirus and the responses to it. When I tell my colleauge that I believe that Dr. “Flu – Shoe” Henry is way over her head and is a prime example of The Peter Principle, they look at me like I am some kind of heretic. After all, Dr. Saint Henry is infallible, her numbers are infallible, and the Health Minister is beyond reproach and would never do anything untowardly or not in the best interest of all British Columbians.

    What they miss is that in my previous research activities I worked with models and with the data one needs to build such models otherwise its Garbage In Garbage Out. Plus, they are a tool, they give you an idea but they do not predict. If this was true, every math genius on Wall and Bay Street would be a billionaire. To illustrate, take the models that Henry presented us 3 weeks ago. Superimpose the observed facts available today.

    I rest my case.

    We have turned back our economic clock by at least 3 years because people are in love with their predicitive models and they serve the interests of those they believe have all the answers because they were raised, coddled and advanced in that environment (Tam & Henry: WHO, UN etc).

    My dear old granny had the correct answer, go out and get some fresh air and sunshine if you are feeling unwell.

    Animus against the Tam and Henry aside, what we have witnessed is the vunerability of our seniors’ care. That is a travesty that can be easily rectified and efforts put into. Every one of us will wind up there one day.

    P.S. All this talk about a vaccine. Efforts towards the SARS vaccine have been going on for decades and, no vaccine. Meanwhile, HCQ + antibiotic + Zinc has plenty of evidence that it does work. For those at home who want to get a leg up, it would not hurt to take Quercetin + zinc as the quercetin seems to have the ability to increase cellular uptake of zinc, one of the mechanisms believed to attenuate the effects of viral contact, insertion, and replication.

  2. In examining the data in detail over the past few months I have come to the conclusion that there are so many problems with the data
    such as: under testing
    false negatives
    false positives
    financial incentives for reporting a covid-19 death in some states [federal funds flow]
    faulty test kits
    that the integrity of the data is in question.
    Furthermore, the failure to find any relationship between the data and the results down the road [ie. the data cannot accurately predict] would indicate that the data is flawed.
    Furthermore, a mathematical analysis of the data suggests that we are dealing with a computer generated logarithim based on a pre-determined bia, not with real factual truthful data.
    The data which is the closest to the truth will be the death figures, but even that is severely flawed.

  3. Okay, George in Richmond. You work in the health care business. Let’s compare that to Dr. Henry’s bio: She is a specialist in public health and preventive medicine and is board certified in preventive medicine in the U.S. She graduated from Dalhousie Medical School and completed a Masters in Public Health in San Diego, residency training in preventive medicine at University of California, San Diego and in community medicine at University of Toronto.

    Dr. Henry has worked internationally including with the WHO/UNICEF polio eradication program in Pakistan and with the World Health Organization to control the Ebola outbreak in Uganda.

    Dr. Henry is an associate professor at the University of British Columbia, Faculty of Medicine. She is the past chair of Immunize Canada and a member of the Canadian National Advisory Committee on Immunization and the National Infection Control Guidelines Steering Committee. She chaired the Canadian Public Health Measures Task Group and was a member of the Infection Control Expert Group and the Canadian Pandemic Coordinating Committee responding to pandemic H1N1 (2009) influenza.

    Oh, and she knows that antibiotics don’t do anything about viruses.

  4. First of all, what I am about to express, and what I have expressed previously, is not intended to be libelous or meant to defame Dr. Henry. It is a personal opinion based on my observations and the interaction of these observations with my own academic, scientific and life experiences and my own common sense. Dr. Henry has become a public and political figure and thus, under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, is able to be critiqued and commented upon, especially as her actions and decisions have a tangible and measurable impact on my life.

    Let’s face it. Once the media comments on your footwear, you are a public figure.

    Wow Robb, are you ever butt-hurt over my critique over how Dr. Tam and Dr. Henry are advising the government over the Covid-19 infection. The last time somebody tried to give me grief over a woman I criticized it turns out that person was married to her.

    OK Nice job with the usual she has this degree and that chairmanship and led the team on this and that. I am not taking away from the positions she holds and has held. She is to be congratulated for her professional advancement. They are, in my opinion, what is commonly seen in any organization, the usual advancements made by being part of a like-minded team, especially if your views and actions are congruent with the team. They are not, however, examples of exemplary actions that showed results above and beyond what the common individual can accomplish given the same positioning. When the uncommon happens, we need people who can navigate, think on the fly, determine best positioning, determine information gathering and analyze and coalesce these into an action plan that serves society as a whole, in all aspects of society. We deserve better than common, but, in my opinion, we are getting common. Want to prevent traffic fatalities, then stop all vehicular traffic. Want to prevent transmission of diseases, then lock people in their residences. People don’t work that way, society doesn’t work that way, viri don’t propagate their existence that way. Humans and viri have co-evolved. Corona viri are not exception and historically they have exhibited a seasonality and that is what they will do. It is why they continue to exist and why we continue to exist.

    In the “well, she held this position and that position” vein, for example. ” the Canadian Pandemic Coordinating Committee responding to pandemic H1N1 (2009) influenza”. You mean the big H1N1 that was predicted to cut a big swath through our population but fizzled out, as these kind of viri are wont to do. Being a member of that expert group does not give me confidence on the ability to make decisions on a grand scale as no decision, or any decision would have more than likely reached the same outcome. Again, in my opinion, Dr. Henry’s actions or lack of actions during the H1N1 outbreak do not amount to the proverbial hill of beans.

    Polio eradication program in Pakistan. Yes. Very nice, but very cookie-cutter and protocol driven. What I would consider a typical UN/WHO/name your NGO Agency type of operation. Again, no real decision making necessary and no real exploration of virus movement in the greater population as the population harbouring the polio virus (which is a gut virus) were localized and thus the target and movement of the polio reservoir is not exactly rocket science. Basically, “Oh you folks have not been vaccinated for polio” “Right then, roll up yer sleeves” Sure, a bit harder than that due to local resistance, and, in light of Bill Gates Polio Eradication program GIVING people polio, one can understand. That being said, please Robb, enlighten me on actual decisions Dr. Henry may have made, beyond the WHO/UNICEF script that may have shown us that she can deal with real public interest. I would be happy to receive a synopsis of actions that she took that demonstrated the ability to navigate changing conditions, overcome obstacles that prevented the full and efficacious administration of polio vaccine to those that needed it, and establishing new and ongoing monitoring and reporting of vaccine success. Robb, if you do provide me with such a synopsis, I would retract right here on Pugetsoundradio the statements that I have made about Dr. Henry that many could construe as being negative.

    Preventative medicine, community medicine, advisory committee, steering committee, etc etc. No where listed is any understanding of statistics or the utility and limitations of PCR-based determination of viral presence. Or if exposure-based antibody being measured to determine past exposure to the virus in question is the IgM or IgG version, which would give an indication of recent or more distant exposure and recovery. No indication of any ongoing random sampling of the population (similar to political polls, the Angus Reid sort of thing) which is NECESSARY to derive an actual picture of who has it, who had it, and how many people died because if it (plus minus co-morbidities). Without robust statistical based on proper sampling, the models she presented 3 to 4 weeks ago are WORTHLESS. They very much appear to be regurgitations of Prof. Neil Ferguson’s work at Imperial College. The same Neil Ferguson who was roundly criticized for completely getting wrong the Hoof and Mouth Disease outbreak in the UK back in the early 2000s. I know. I was in Europe at the time and saw the smoke from the carcass pyres. Ask the UK farmers how they feel about Neil. Back to Dr. Henry’s own presentation, go back to what she presented as worst and best case scenarios, 3 to 4 weeks ago and have a look at what we got now. Judge for yourself the predictive power of those graphs.

    You say that she knows that antibiotics don’t do anything about viruses (viri). Since you seem to have her ear, please do forward the following for her enlightenment.

    The bottom line is, as learned, as credentialed and as committee and politically-placed as Dr. Henry is, if she holds the personal position that antibiotics are of no utility in fighting a virus, especially given that the few references that I provided took me about 3 minutes to come up with, then how the heck am I supposed to have any confidence that her advisement of public policy is worth the social and economic cost we are paying.

    In my opinion, Dr. Henry, being confronted with a corona virus that she is not familiar with (it is called a novel corona virus, is it not) , is engaged in public policy advisement that, if it is true that the public health-related actions of the government are a full reflection of the advice that she is giving them, puts me in a position to have little confidence that the present public health policy path is the correct one and ongoing and future public health policies will be similarly so. From my own perspective and opinion, Dr. Henry needs to be replaced.

    P.S. karle granlund, I must admit. You basically said much of this in a much more concise way.

  5. Dr. Henry worked for the WHO. Dr. Henry is pushing continued lockdown
    and vaccines. Very interdasting.
    Inviting the “Industry Professionals” to chime in here…..


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