Writers Guild West Asks CBS for Expanded Sick Leave for Journalists



Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The Writers Guild of America West is putting pressure on CBS to lengthen the number of sick days available to journalists covering the coronavirus outbreak.

In a recent petition penned in March, the writers’ union calls on the network to provide at least 14 days of paid sick leave to news, web, digital, and promo writers that have been hospitalized with COVID-19, self-isolated due to COVID-19 infection or potential exposure and/or are caregivers for individuals that have contracted COVID-19.

The petition claims CBS has so far “refused” to offer paid sick leave to its news writers beyond those guaranteed in their contracts. The WGA West says that currently individuals must go to human resources to ask for sick leave amid the outbreak, with no clear policy in place. “WGAW news writers at CBS are putting their health on the line to make sure that vital news continues through the COVID-19 pandemic,” the petition says. “We call on CBS to do the right thing and expand paid sick leave for all their news writers. We have asked for assurances but so far CBS has been silent.​”

The Hollywood Reporter has reached out to CBS for comment.

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