Longtime CBC Journalist Lisa Cordasco Appointed News Director for Nanaimo’s CHLY Radio


by Jesse Woodward       March 21 2020

CHLY 101.7FM (the campus radio station of Nanaimo’s Vancouver Island University) is pleased to announce its newest staff member Lisa Cordasco as our first Senior Reporter and News Director.

Lisa has been practising journalism for more than 30 years. She spent most of her career at CBC Radio, where she was the first host of its morning show in Victoria. As a reporter, she has covered the biggest stories in British Columbia, including the sinking of BC Ferry’s Queen of the North, the war in the woods at Clayoquot Sound and former Premier Bill Vander Zalm’s final, tumultuous days in power, to name a few.

Lisa retired from CBC Radio five years ago and has written for several magazines since, but she says when the opportunity arose to create a news department at CHLY, she jumped at the chance.

“I want to create a civic news radio zone that doesn’t pander to the commercial and political concerns of mass media organizations,” said Cordasco. “I am honoured and excited to be crafting the blueprint for a radical and creative approach to news and current affairs that will serve citizens who live in Greater Nanaimo and on the surrounding Gulf Islands.”

To that end, Lisa is working on the creation of CHLY’s first morning-news show, while recruiting and mentoring volunteers who are interested in producing news and current affairs.

“I want to create a civic news radio zone that doesn’t pander to the commercial and political concerns of mass media organizations. A radio zone that welcomes community members as journalists, and teaches them the skills to produce stories and examine issues that matter in the lives of their family, friends and their neighbourhoods,” she says.

While we focus on the real current need for up to date local information regarding COVID-10, we will keep you posted on developments in our launching CHLY’s morning show in future newsletters.

If you are interested in volunteering your time to be part of this project, please fill in a volunteer application and contact Lisa via email [email protected] to learn more about our Local Journalism Initiative project.

We look forward to an official welcome aboard party for Lisa, and a launch event for the morning news show!

… a News Release from Nanaimo radio station CHLY.

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