NEGATIVE NEWS!!! by Sparky Taft




by Sparky Taft

March 31, 2020

I am a professional in the media business. I find it absolutely disgusting how negative many of the media news outlets are reporting “news” of the Covid-19 crisis and, especially how some news sources attempt to make President Trump look badly.

It is very easy to “twist” facts in news. For example, CBS This Morning just ran a long segment where they showed a news clip of President Trump yesterday saying he believed that the Governors were very appreciative and supportive of his governments efforts to help the States. CBS played a short audio clip of the Democratic Governor of Montana expressing concerns that his State May run out of hospital beds in the future. THIS audio recording was a total misrepresentation of the conversation and taken out of context!!!!! More FAKE news looking for anti-Trump sensationalism.

The FACT is our government is doing a super job helping States – even States with anti-Trump Governors like California and New York.

SO, my message to the media is REPORT THE FACTS and stop making them up to fit your political agenda!!!!



  1. True journalists, where you couldn’t tell their biases, are a thing of the past. I believe a large part of the media is putting fuel on the fire to serve their agenda. Sad. One local TV station in Seattle has promo’s that clearly are designed to be dramatic and instill fear for ratings and viewership of their newscasts. Shameful.

  2. Good luck. The media like most of our politicians are purchased and work for their wallet not the people. Expect them to dial up the chaos, slander and lies as they desperately grab for power just like Marxists and Islamists do in dictatorships worldwide to keep from losing control.


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