Radio Is Here To Help Make Sense Of Our ‘New Normal’


Worldwide COVID-19 Infections Approach 500,000; Over 21,000 Deaths — Radio Is Covering Our Changing Behavior, How We Interact And Work

Wash Your Hands & Use Hand Sanitizers Often, Stay Safe & Shelter In Place, Maintain Social Distancing


March 26, 2020      courtesy


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CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) is not only dangerous, it has the potential to create permanent societal changes. COVID-19 is the #1 topic of every news program and conversation — it dominates everything!

Entire countries, and now individual states in the U.S., and cities are going into or are in lockdown/quarantine mode in an effort to slow or stop the spread of this virus which is killing thousands of people each day in its wake.

Data shows that each CORONAVIRUS case could infect about 2 to 2.5 more people. That’s higher than the flu as the average patient spreads the flu virus to about 1.3 others.

COVID-19 is the biggest and deadliest worldwide infectious disease since the SPANISH FLU of 1918. That pandemic infected an estimated 500 million people worldwide and claimed between 20 and 50 million lives. In CANADA, it killed about 55,000, mostly young adults.

There are dire predictions about infection rates and death rates increasing this week nearing 500,000 infected, with over 21,000 deaths. No one is immune as we hear of drastic effects on our global and local economies as we learn of celebrities, politicians as well as those not in the national spotlight now being diagnosed as infected.

If you want to see exactly what’s happening in near-real time with the infections, click here.

The concerns are real and there are many of them, including some profound changes to our daily lives — and radio is there to help keep you informed, as those who work in the industry deal with:

  • Fear for personal health and that of family and co-workers
  • Shortage of food, bottled water and household supplies
  • Maintaining adequate social distancing
  • Working remotely
  • Isolation
  • Cancellation of advertising orders

Putting your service hats on:

  • How are you assisting clients that still want to do business?
  • What special information segments are you running to handle closings/rescheduling of events and other changes to assist your listeners?

While much of the CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) news is tragic, radio and its allied industries are doing many positive things to help their audiences and customers to help find the new normal, which so far, is a moving target.

ALL ACCESS would like to share your daily routine and setup to help others make the adjustment and to let people know how you’re serving the public and helping make the audience safer.



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