Petition Pressures CBC to Restore Local Newscasts


A national citizens group that advocates for public broadcasting.has started an online petition to force the CBC to restore local newscasts across the country.

The Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, a Toronto-based nonprofit started 35 years ago to protest cuts to the CBC, issued a statement calling on Canadians to contact federal heritage minister Steven Guilbeault and demand he provide the necessary cash infusion to restore local news services nationwide.

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  1. I now strongly believe that each and every CBC Building and Studio right across Canada should immediately be converted to Subsidized Public Senior Housing for deserving Senior Citizens right across Canada in need of assistance .

    CBC Buildings can easily be converted, they have everything required including kitchens, restaurants, and public gathering areas, it would not be hard to convert offices into private quarters and more could be easily added . Some even have Media centres which would be ideal for many public events to be held or even just on house community get together .

    The best thing about CBC Facilities is the fact that they are in major cities close to services right across the country, centred around transit, medical services including hospitals, parks, shopping, and virtually every kind of activity and services seniors might require .

    For Seniors on fixed incomes with no income to spare this would mean being located and housed right in the middle of many cities most of them could not afford to rent or own in, what better could one ask for ?

    One of the best things about this option is the fact that the Hard Working Tax Payer would benefit in many ways, the conversion costs would be minimal, there would be much less need and cost to erect new costly facilities not so well located, that same Tax Payer would not see that huge waste of Tax Dollars to find the CBC who are basically a Propaganda Machine for PC SJW Federal, Provincial, Municipal, PCSJW Activist Politicians, Leftist Special Interest Groups, Anarchists, and Professional Protesters . Best of all we could all rest easy knowing that Seniors are finally safe, healthy, and finally receiving the excellent housing they deserve .

    IMHO this would be a Win Win for all Canadians but especially important for God Hard Working Tax Payers and Seniors that built this country of Canada .

    We have no time to waste, let’s begin by writing our Federal MP’s and the PMO today, we need action on this now .!

  2. I agree with Fake News above. To BMCQ, who is going to pay for this transition and the millions of dollars each month that it will cost.

    Personally, getting rid of the CBC and leasing or selling the properties to whoever wants them for a price is probably the best option.

  3. Rob

    I will not pay for the redevelopment of CBC Fortresses into Senior Housing but I will show them how it can be accomplished .

    First of all a very large of the project will be paid for by re directing funds currently wasted into operating the CBC to the construction costs, that would quite possibly pay for all of the costs .
    The CBC currently costs Tax Payers at least $ 1,5 Billion each year, how is that for value as to where money might come from .

    Once the initial costs of re purposing the real estate is accomplished the absurd amount of financing the CBC is gone forever, no more, get it ?

    You have seen “Fake” for that regularity on this Blog, he will finally get his wish . The operational costs can be funded by a nominal charge to the Senior Residents based on a percentage of their incomes including a means test .

    We must then demand more from and provide less to Drug Dependent Felons who are a huge cost to our society, they have made many poor choices in their lives and they have been able by Poverty Pimps like Mayor Mumbles Robertson, MP Jenny Kwan, Mayor Stewart, Swanson, Townsend, Vision in Vancouver, the NDP, and Federal Liberal Politicians . Time to put an end to the $ 1 Million Dollars a day that is Flushed down the Toilet-each and every day that is in fact the Downtown East Side of Vancouver, there is literally no tracking and no accountable of the funds or those that profit from those Tax Payer Funds . It is time for apprehension, detox, and rehab, we cannot win the fight against the Chinese manipulated Opioid Fentanyl Crisis that is killing Men right across the U.S. and Canada . PCSJW cannot solve the Opioid Fentanyl Crisis, Poverty Pimps really do not want to address the problem if the Crisis was to end those same “Poverty Pimps” would have No Cause !

    That is it more or less in a nutshell Rob, in the long run the Tax Payer would be much better off than continuing to fund the CBC, the Pensioners that built this country and paid tax would be much better off and Canada would DAVE at least $ 2 Billion a year .

  4. Wow R Smith. Good to see someone that wants buildings owned by the government and used by their propaganda dept to be sold by pennies on the dollar instead of using them to house seniors
    May I suggest that when they finally pull the plug on ICBC they should repatriate those gigantic claims centers into homless shelters . You know the ones . Huge bay doors at either end. 30 bays with 20 offices to house adjusters and clients with damaged cars. Normally one is in use and 29 are vacant. Mind you every office has new furniture and new computer equipment every 12 months. I wonder where the replaced equipment ends up

  5. On CBC Television Friday, March 20, at 6:00 P.M., Mike Killeen hosted a local report which lasted some 20 to 25 minutes, before turning the reins over to Ian Hanomansing at the”National” desk.

  6. For those calling for the scrapping of the CBC, you might want to take a look through Twitter tonight, where you will find the top of the trending topics is the CBC documentary on Gordon Lightfoot. Not a negative comment to be found, and much praise for the national broadcaster.

  7. Newsman, I really like Gordon Lightfoot, hope to see him in a few months .

    As to the praise for the CBC ?

    Every Dog has his Day .

    Look Newsman, I believe the CBC does some good production and broadcasting, that goes without saying but at what $COST$ to the Tax Payer /

    On top of that the CBC is very much biased in support of the uh Federal uh Liberal Government how would you feel if the CBC was biased in favour of that Federal Party that “Walks the Earth with cloven Hooves” , namely the Conservatives ?

    I believe the CBC is long past it’s “Best Before Date” but I also believe Canada needs to somehow ensure that remote areas of the country receive regular news and some programming . I do not have the answer, but the current $ 2 Billion Dollar cost to finance the CBC is just plain silly .


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