St. Louis’ KEZK to Begin Christmas in March on Friday



102.5 KEZK St. Louis EntercomEntercom AC 102.5 KEZK St. Louis will make the move to Christmas music on Friday, March 20 at 5pm.

The station states it is doing so to “to lift spirits as the coronavirus quarantine continues”. It is following on the heels of Hallmark Channel doing a Christmas movie marathon this upcoming weekend and people re-hanging their Christmas lights.

INSTANT INSIGHT: Watch for many other of the usual Christmas music stations to make similar moves in an attempt to boost listenership. With “at-work” listening not really a thing right now, a stunt like this could be the thing they need to keep ratings up as the Spring book is set to start next week.

Radio Insight has much more breaking radio news  HERE.


  1. At this rate, I have a feeling that 104.3 will switch to christmas carols, only this time around have it all yearround!!!! Bummer!!!!!!!!!!!


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