Kevin of ‘Kevin & Bean’ Fired from KROQ Morning Show


Kevin Ryder Says Entire Morning Show Team Was Fired, and He was Escorted from the Building

Michael Kovac/Getty Images
Kevin Ryder

KROQ’s morning show will look a lot different going forward.

In a shocking announcement, longtime morning show host Kevin Ryder tweeted Wednesday morning that management of the L.A.-based alternative rock radio station on Tuesday called “every one of us on the morning show and told us we were fired.”

That includes on-air personalities Allie Mac Kay and Jensen Karp, producer Dave Sanchez (nicknamed “the King of Mexico”), Jonathan Kantrowe (aka “Beer Mug”) and board operator Destiny Lopez.

Ryder had been at the station for just over 30 years.

He continued via Twitter: “Why did @kroq fire all of us on the morning show? I assume it’s the ratings, which were down. The economy because it’s down. But it’s a pretty crappy way to treat people. We’re humbled by you spending any time w us. THANK YOU. (Going to sleep for about a week :).”

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