Graham Hatch Out of his Afternoon Drive slot at Vancouver’s 104.3 The Breeze


On the day the latest Numeris PPM ratings were released, Graham Hatch is out of his afternoon drive assignment at Vancouver’s CHLG-FM 104.3 The Breeze.   On his Facebook page Hatch tersely announced  he has “left” the Stingray station he has been with for nearly six years.

Hatch has been a part of the BC radio scene for decades, as is evident from the following track of his on-air career as detailed at the Vancouver Broadcasters website:

Broadcast journalism graduate Fanshawe College and part time CFPL London ON 1982; news reader/reporter CKDA Victoria 1982-83; news CKLG Vancouver 1983-87; co-host LG Morning Zoo CKLG 1987-92; afternoon co-host and musician/lyric writer Rock 101 Twisted Tunes CFMI-FM Vancouver 1992-2011; p.m. drive CHHR-FM Vancouver 2011-12; freelance broadcaster, voice actor and communication specialist 2011-current; Hatching Ideas Creative Solutions Inc./morning news/co-host CHHR-FM 2012-14; p.m. drive host CHLG-FM Vancouver 2014-current.


  1. At this rate, given simona is the pd after all, looks like 104.3 might change format sooner thsn later,probably to an all r&b/ hip hop station or a retro dance format like the 95.3 afternoon music program was in 2007/08. What else can I say about this?

  2. If he actually left voluntarily on a contract issue, can hardly say I blame him. Jack or Rock 101 will find a slot for him soon enough if he still wants to be in the industry.

    Initially 104.3 showed signs of wanting to have a broad playlist, but they’ve done nothing to broaden it recently. My guess is that they’ll move to a new format and make the same mistake they did with The Breeze and LG — great variety over a 24 hour time span, but the same songs day after day.

  3. I truly agree woth nicolas on that one. For money and the crtc speaks- some people want 60s 70s 80s oldies, some people want classic rock, some people want 50s 60s 70s oldies like I really do, and I want a true adult contemporary station from 60s-today with a 50s 60s 70s oldie show like kiss fm was before the switchover to jack or what the jewel radio cluster is back east, but the money and the crtc, namely the category 3 rule left behind from the stations shore era, not to mention simonas personal musical tastes, is on either a hybrid urban music/ porno format, a hybrid new country/ bluegrass format, or an inferior anglicized clone of red fm unfortunately.

  4. Cam, I’m with you..
    Anything from 50’s to 90’s as a backbone would keep me locked on..
    Wakeup Stingray, there are tens of thousands of boomers looking for music from yesteryear…

  5. It just dawned on me. After cisl 650s switchover to sports, why cant newcap bring tom lucas and or doc harris over to lg 104.3, get rid of the special interest music rule, play more 60s and 70s, incorporate more 50s hits, and fire simona overall? That way it would have been an actual oldie station as opposed to an inferior jack fm clone, and one on purpose, not by mistake.

  6. Some news for all of you: simona now holds pm drive 3-7, middays from 10-3 is drew ferreira voicetracked from toronto. Kelly latremouille still holds the morning show.

  7. Bring back The Greatest Hits as this music is not to good. Graham was great and I hope he will find another position. I enjoyed listening to him. The Breeze is not going over well.

  8. The station sucks time for Program Manager to be fired. The station sounds like crap. The manager also needs to be fired. I cant understand why your playing music that sounds like this. Bring back the Oldies on 104 3 or I am gone as well. The evening music is like crap as well. It was good the way it was before. If You do not reinstate Graham we will all stop listening as well.

  9. The station needs to go along with Program manager as the music sucks. Bring back oldies on 104 3 the elevator music also sucks. Sorry Graham the station let you go. The afternoon host not as good as you. Our work will now stop listening. If your interested in great music listen to the Coast on FM as they play oldies

  10. Trouble is, we didnt really need “jack fm 2”. Thats why some of us all deserved the changeover in the first place. Lg 104.3 ironically after the cisl 650 shutdown sounded virtually like an inferior jack fm clone minus the current music. Simona obviously has very little musical knowledge pre-1980 pretty much, with the obvious exception of country music and disco and some stones and beatles songs and motown songs and a few 70s ac tunes. And any special interest music feature that does not have a live dj does not deserve to see the light of day on the radio. Maybe in an elevator or dim lighted bar, but not on my radio. And I know fully well that simona killed cisl 650. She might kill lg completely next. Give doofuses drivers licences and they will take them into embakements. Give those same people radio station licences and…..

  11. Simona needs to be fired from the company as the music on the Breeze sucks. She is not playing enough 60s or 70s. plus the music sucks. Anyone listening to the Breeze it sticks. I rather have the old format back.
    The station manager should show some guts and fire Program Manager and bring back our oldies and let the listeners see how the station should run. Your obviously not listening to your listeners Bring back Graham

  12. Mr. Hatch our work has decided not to listen to the Breeze any more as you were our drive time host and now the one the station has now sucks big time. The station sucks as does the music. I hope the station brings our oldies back . They have just lost 32 listeners as the music is discussing on the Breeze

  13. This music needs to go and bring back our station. I rather listen to oldies on 104 3. The evening show is like going to the dentist. It sucks. The Manager should also be fired. Stingray I hope you guys do something about you team at 104 3. They are no good. Bring our oldies back to 104 3. I will be telling everyone at work not to listen any more and we will listen to JACK FM. They also play 80s at noon. And your host taking Grahams Place sucks

  14. I hate the Breeze now that Graham is gone. He did a fantastic The guy on there now sucks. The music sucks as well. Put our oldies back on or I will not listen again and the staff at our place also hastes the music. Your programming needs to be changed as does your program director as the has no taste in music bring back 60s 70s and 80s

  15. Trouble with that is while lg 104.3s actual current name is a format brand name that started out in the philippines in the late 80s and perfected in new zealand, britain and australia a few years back and thus one that is futuristic and symbolizes the exotic and one we as a diverse multicultural nation can all relate to, jack fm on the other hand is although it was actually founded here in our neck of the woods, it was actually founded by an american and the brand is courtesy of an american based company (sparknet communications out of nashville, even though they were formerly vancouver based but probably still owned by americans). So why after the cisl shutdown and the lg 104.3 sudden shift under said foreign brand name must we all source out to a station thats a true all american multinational brand name to provide music for the whole boomer generation, isnt it bad enough that we are all literally have too much american programming on our tv stations and too much american fast food restaurant chains and chain stores and counting (even though chains like safeway are phasing out, and target and sears are out of our borders completely)???? How lazy, robotic, counterintuitive, and subversive to us as a country!!!!!!!! And lg 104.3 before the shift was a watered down version of that for the most part!!!! I recommend w1440 out of alberta and naxi evergreen out of europe. Those two are heavy on 50s 60s 70s, better than that on what lg used to be. And try 560 cfos from ontario. That station has beatle brunch program from 8-10 pacific saturday mornings, and some of that program is random sets of beatles songs. That ones heavy on the 50s-90s.

    So at least, everybody at lg 104.3 the breeze, even if you guys dont improve if you dont change format outright (which I know you guys will at this rate before years end I figure) dump the category 3 special interest rule. Im not sure about that given that is a crtc thing (government music welfare to quote bruce allen), but you never know.

    Also would love to have the jewel brand name from back east come to these parts.

  16. The station is not to interesting to anyone of us at work. The music manager needs to be fired and hope that Sting Ray is reading theses messages as her music choice sucks. She is not listening to listens as many have asked her to switch back to oldies or even add more. Why is she not fired yet. The manager should also be fired. They are going to lose many listeners and with Graham gone we not going to listen any more as the new guy is not like Graham

  17. All your comments are so correct music ? is boring same old over and over your musicDirector so young and know taste of good music The old LG 104 the 60s 70s and 80s played everything that we all grew up with now it’s so soft you can go to sleep with Kelly is great in the morning this new fella 10 to 3 not sure yet Simone in the afternoon she should be home with the children and bring Graham Hatch back he had a radio voice he was knowledgable just a great announcer hopefully you can listen to the listeners requests maybe a new music director and a new GM 104 the old one was great

  18. All the comments above are so true the music puts me to sleep at Simone has no class in music too young really enjoyed the Old 104.3 the 60s 70s and 80s great variety of music. We all grew up with Kelly is great in the morning that new fella not sure yet and Simone I think she should be home looking after children very sad you let Graham hatch go he had a great Voice and very knowledgable hopefully the owners listen to the listeners your ratings are falling your music is too soft give us our old 104.3 60 70 and 80s back please

  19. I understand what kent is saying, but we need a true oldie station that plays 50s 60s 70s like cisl was before simona killed that one with help from her rogers friends or what cisl has long been, not an inferior jack fm clone. They should have done away with the category3 rule completely right when lg switched in the first place for the relative benefit of the listeners. The evening show was the true downside of the station, nothing else music wise really (yeah, some crappy songs, but same applied before). Its just plain generic muzak every night. The blues segment before was very disappointing really too. No dj, no nothing. Least the edmonton version of the breeze dont play that crap every night. 50s 60s 70s oldies weekend nights, and category 3 rule gone. Or sell the station to evanov network and have it switch to the jewel, and keep the local djs intact.

  20. Have to agree with most of the recent comments. I actually liked the switch to the Breeze initially, as they played a lot of songs that 103.5 stopped playing years ago. But now, instead of adding more “songs you haven’t heard in years” (as their mantra advertises) there’s fewer.

    Instead, they’ve put in some newer songs that 103.5 are already playing. How can that possibly work? Previously, I’ve found the announcers more genuine on 104.3. No more, except for mornings, and no one can compete with 103.5’s contests in that slot.

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Graham left due to a dispute regarding 104.3’s programming. Hint for management: listen to your employees, and listen to your customers, or expect your customers to go elsewhere.

  21. Sorry to hear this. Graham Hatch is a first-class broadcaster. I enjoyed him when he was at Rock 101, which I no longer listen to, and enjoyed him at 104.3 when it was a true oldies station. I’ve pretty well tuned it out since it became the Breeze. My go-to stations now are KISM and other U.S. stations accessible via Tune-In. He’ll find work – he has plenty of talent.

  22. Quite true, everything said about the professionalism of Graham Hatch. But, chances are, he is done at Breeze FM and will have to go elsewhere for work. We have seen these “bloodletting” discussions on PSR over the years and in 15 years, plus, of following this site, I have never seen a talent rehired, based on what their fans said on PSR. The business has a lot of disagreements and turnover between on air and management. If you threaten to listen, elsewhere, nobody will care. The oldies genre makes a lot of sense and it should be made available in Vancouver. If not at CHLG, then elsewhere ? However, do it properly and don’t make it half-assed.

  23. I guess I agree with rus on this one. If 104.3 will be on the easy listening route (which is at this period in time unlikely) there should be some time saved for a 50s 60s 70s oldie show like kiss fm was back in the day. Either that, or the jewel radio cluster from back east come here somewhere. Or 1410 or 104.9 shouldgo back to oldies and the cfun call letters should be utilized. Or 730 will quit as traffic and go to oldies. That would be great in these disturbing times. However, in the case of 104.9, it should be the summer of 2009 era of the oldie format and not afterward.

  24. The station of 104 3 is just terrible and and the program manager and the the person doing 10-3 pm needs to be out the door and Graham back at the Breeze and change back to the 104 3 LG oldies as this music sucks now. we listened at BC Ferries and hate it. The evening breeze with Stacey also sucks she should also stay home. Manager of the station needs to be fired as well as he is not listening to what listeners are asking for.

  25. I agree with everyone as the Breeze is like going to the doctors I hate it. We are a big company in Delta and will not listen to your station as long as you morning man after Kelly is on the radio he is terrible as is Simone she has no taste in music. She is not listening to what listeners are asking for and that is bring back our oldies She needs to be fired

  26. I actually agree kinda with those others who mention simonas name even though I actually like the lady (I met her twice at norburn lighting in burnaby and shes a very nice lady). For I wouldnt be suprised if the main reason for the cisl shutdown is due to a long standing dispute over the programming of that station nwith simona leading the charge, and I wouldnt be suprised if that station came real close to changing format in 2013 or 2016, and only her maternity leave at those times saved the station. Memo to management- listen to your employees, and listen to your customers, or let your customers to face the facts- keeping the true oldie format in vancouver seems like a neat idea, yet too counterintuitive and inappropriate at this period in time and politically incorrect; in other words, “times have changed, and so should you”.

    The jewel format from back east should come here to these parts actually. Their evening show may not be the best thing in the world, but its better than lg 104.3s evening program today. Their music selection is a true easy listening format from 60s-today with plenty of oldies, plus they have the roger ashby oldie program saturday afternoons eastern time. That program is absolutely special, 50s 60s early 70s oldies with great features and requests.

  27. These comments are hilarious. They stopped caring about the opinions of LG listeners the second they flipped formats. And that was what, a year ago now? If they’re reading this thread, I’m sure they’re getting a good laugh out of it.

  28. Actually, it was about three years since cisl 650 shut down, and before then the oldies format was more genuine. Since then, it wasnt the case at all, except for long weekends and once friday mornings and daily mornings later on, and three times tuesdays, and no one can compete with jack fms features given the latters genre (lp feature, that is) and that station I dont listen to for obvious reasons.

    So you see, two wrongs dont make a right. Coronavirus and no station with 50s-70s as a backbone, not even a special feature. Even coop radio became half assed increasingly since their frequency change in 2012.

  29. I truly miss CISL as being one of the oldies people I miss the oldies music that was played on CISL and so guys how about listening to the oldies people and bring back the songs of the 50′ 60’s and 70’s just saying your new format sucks as do your on air personal and yes Graham Hatch was the best radio host on your now crappy radio station listen to the people morons.

  30. I wholly agree with all of the comments your radio station sucks and since you let Graham Hatch go I have quit listening to your crappy music playing the same songs over and over bring back the CISL music of the 50’s 60’s and 70’s and you should listen to the people who enjoyed CISL music and on air personnel Kelly is the only on air host that I really like the rest are idiots and so are you morons

  31. I agree with you Mike the only person we love to listen to is Kelly in the morning. The rest of them need to be fired along with General Manager he has not customer service for listeners what so ever I am disappointed he is just sitting on his ass doing nothing He should fire every announcer and Keep Kelly and Bring back Graham Hatch I did send a letter to Head office at Stingray already as we need our oldies back and Program Manager is not doing anything in Vancouver she is killing the station as she is not listening to what we like

  32. I actually agree with mike on this one. Even bringing back the old lg pre christmas day 2018 certainly wouldnt do much good. We need the real oldies back, not that in your face crap targetted mainly to a certain white sports fanatic audience like jack fm and rock 101 these days. Simonas presence reminds me of my favorite sports talk guy from down south jim rome telling the story of before he hired his current producer adam hawk the fact that the female pd of one of the stations he worked on “one day, we will ALL work for this guy” when he realized later on because of his ridiculous attitude that it really was never the case. Same probably goes with simona. Crosby mcwilliam probably said just before she was hired back to z95.3 in around 2010 or 2011 that one day we will all work for her too, when given what happened on cisl and the shutdown afterward and the fact that lg 104.3 around that time in 2017 was still mostly tarnished to the point of its switch christmas 2018. Even I realized that matt storey who did the house party was voicetracked from toronto, and rickie tyler was voicetracked too from kelowna, and heather was probably voicetracked from outside the lower mainland. And rickie tyler like simona I realized is just a hipster wannabe with very little musical taste, probably of even less musical taste than simona. So bring back the cisl format with a few 80s tunes at least somewhere on the radio if not on lg 104.3. Maybe pulse fm, since tom lucas real estate program is there.

  33. After remembrance day, it will switch to christmas carols. Wont be listening to the breeze at all until first monday of december, im sorry to say. Rarely listen to the station anyway anymore except for oldie of the day friday mornings. Simona, stop acting like a robotic walking talking meme and play more oldie songs, or more rare gems.


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