Simi Sara Appointed Official Breakfast Host at NW



(Announcements to come on new talk shows 9-noon and 12-3.)

For Immediate Release

VANCOUVER, March 4, 2020 – Global News Radio 980 CKNW is thrilled to announce its new morning show, Mornings with Simi, hosted by longtime radio personality Simi Sara, officially debuting Monday, March 30.

Mornings with Simi will feature contributor Niki Reitmayer, award-winning Global News Radio anchor Gord Macdonald, Global BC’s Chief Meteorologist Mark Madryga, and commentaries from Bruce AllenCharles AdlerVaughn Palmer and Global BC Sports Director Squire Barnes. The show is produced by Victor Young and Greg Schott.

 “I feel so honoured and privileged to be able to follow in the footsteps of three radio legends: Jon McComb, Philip Till and, of course, Bryan ‘Frosty’ Forst,” said Simi Sara. “980 CKNW has always been part of my life growing up in Metro Vancouver and I am thrilled to be able to continue its amazing morning show tradition.”

“Simi is a trusted and beloved voice in the city – knowledgeable and connected to the community, she is a natural fit for the morning show role and will continue to engage CKNW’s listeners in compelling conversations about important local issues in her new time slot,” said Larry Gifford, National Director of Talk Radio, Corus Entertainment.

Simi Sara grew up in Surrey, B.C. and spent the first 15 years of her career in television. She has been with 980 CKNW since 2010 as the host of The Simi Sara Show weekdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. PT. She is the recipient of two national and three regional RTDNA awards for her editorial and commentary work. Sara has also won both the BCAB Broadcaster of Tomorrow and BCAB Performer of the Year awards. Additionally, she is the only radio personality to win the Jack Webster City Mike award for commentary.

Mornings with Simi will air weekdays from 5:30 a.m. – 9 a.m. PT. Complementary programming announcements for the station will be announced in the coming weeks.


  1. So basically what she’s been doing since jon macomb left? she wouldn’t have been my first choice but good for her. and with their ratings success , management obviously know what they’re doing. id like to see them give mike smith his own show now too. and jody vance of course.

  2. Good. I never listen in the early morning. I can’t stand Simi VACCINE Sara and the rest of her FAKE NEWS cohorts. If they bring on Jody IMPEEEEEEECH TRUMP Vance my listening will be done forever.

  3. “Following in the footsteps”? Wallowing in them perhaps. She has been one of the leaders in dumbing down and PC’ing ‘NW and taking the station well down the Vanilla Highway. I have not listened to that time slot since JM’s last day, nor will I. The only time I listen anymore is when Mike is on.

  4. Well I guess my time of listening to NW has just come to an end.

    Already gave up on Lynda (I like wine) Steele particularly after that sycophant Eric Chapman became a fixture on her show and Jody Vance who likes the sound of her own voice waaaaay too much.

    Please do whatever it takes to get Mike Smyth to agree to a permanent gig!!

  5. -Simi Vaccine ? so true.
    -Jody Trump hater absolutely.
    -Lynda…see above…and the exceedingly annoying Eric yup.

    *Mike Smyth gets my vote. I also enjoy Jill Bennett.
    And Frosty still the greatest of all time!

  6. That Eric is such a ditz. He and the other guy and the interaction session they have every day with whomever the host is. Two weeks or so ago Jody and the gruesome twosome were simply aghast and beside themselves because one of them had seen someone cleaning their fingernails on a bus! That is when I turned off the afternoon show for the last time. If there is ever a major calamity here, they’ll be the first ones to die, likely of shock from seeing something not politically correct.

  7. Well…Good for her.
    Who knows if they even expressed interest, but I was personally pulling for Mike, or Jill to get the gig for the morning slot, (more rounded journalism..less opinion driven) but I had no doubt she’d get the call. I’ve been calling it SI-MI-NW for years! Not an insult, but between her show, filling in, ads….She definitely can’t be accused of laziness.

  8. Eric’s entire vocabulary consists of uhuh, uhuh, uhuh, yah, yah, yah, totally, totally followed by some weird fake laugh at anything anyone says.

    I think Lynda Steele keeps him around because he is so bad he makes her look not as bad!!

  9. Thank god for devices such as Alexa and Google Home which allow you to listen to stations outside of Greater Vancouver very easily. CFMJ which is NWs sister station in Toronto is actually a lot more balanced and has better hosts during the day and evening.

  10. I am so happy to read other comments that find eric chapman difficult to listen to.
    ayup oh yeah forsure thats his entire playbook

    Simi hector on. If after 3 hrs of simi we get 3 hrs of Mike Smyth followed by 3 hrs of Jill Bennett we will at least get 6 hrs of good radio. Even 9 if Simi adjusts her anti liberal pro ndp shtick. Sadly as long as Steele has the chapman boat anchor she never going to attract an audience that has an IQ over 10

  11. Simi Sara was the safe bet for NW. Non-confrontational, reasonably informed and proficient enough to BS her way through 3 or 4 hours. Downside: atrocious interviewer, inability to tell an interesting story, and at times, condescending towards her colleagues, especially if they’re male. All in all, should retain the status quo.

  12. I did notice, at least on Friday, that she actually did have guests on, other than her usual Caren McSherry, or Claire the travel guru, and discussed topics related to current events which was good.
    It’s nice to hear other voices, and perspective… something to add to the experience rather than having her (or any host) blather on endlessly, with no actual interaction, or counterpoint. It adds some depth.

  13. Despite the many positive comments about Jill I simply cannot stomach listening to her long enough to find out of she is a good journalist, She sure as hell isn’t a good broadcaster with her highly irritating stop and go manner of speech. As noted here by myself and others in the past, she is the only person I have ever heard hyphenate a single syllable word.

  14. 13 she may well be all you approve of her and I’ll not argue. But she maintains an appalling on air presence. As do so many ‘NW on air staff who display at best, an indifferent compatibility with the English language and pronunciation of same. Laserton being the prime appalling example. Is there no mentoring there?

  15. agree with all comments about eric chapman being a total dufus. stopped listening a year ago when he started popping up on steele’s show. happy to have siriusxm now. have heard he has become more of a part of the show now almost like drex was. can only imagine how unbearable he is now. sounds like someone you’d just want to punch in the face.

  16. Maybe I’m not of the new times, but when I do tune in to NW98 for a change up, it doesn’t last long. Simi Sara I find to be so darn timid it’s almost embarrassing to listen long. There doesn’t seem to be any fight there at all. A sad choice to replace McComb. But it can’t be helped because their isn’t much choice there anyways I suppose. But how Chapman was ever able to be given access to a microphone and the air waves is unbelievable.

  17. ‘NW had few choices. No money left so race to the bottom. Simi was safe, works cheaper and gets up at 4am. But yes talks down to “young people “… “when I was your age”. She’s not 70! And younger than her demographic. Arrogant. And her weird end of sentence “snicker” is condescending, for a Pro? At least Drex acknowledges he’s terrible on mic broadcaster with the stutter and ums, but balances with wit opinion and intolerance.
    Last, trying to hype up a non news story “ call me and tell me what you think of smelly food on a bus!!!” Buzz line is open!
    I dunno, all the greats moved … AND, recently the NW signal south of Fraser is terrible! Maybe it’s a sign.

  18. I dunno Rowdy…I heard one of the greats on NW this afternoon. Mani Busoonis was apparently filling in, and he nailed the issues. He had a couple of guests on the ‘virus’ and he offered up some super-interesting info I hadn’t heard before. It sounded like even the guests were excited that the guy behind the mike was well-informed and offered up a reasoned opinions that just made so much sense the way he presented them. Some of the other hosts sound overwhelmed and really not that interesting so I tune out.

  19. En route home this afternoon, even my wife, a dedicated NW listener commented on Manni B’s virus comments. He had a science guy on and he out-scienced him with stuff about the virus we hadn’t heard and kinda wowed us. And despite some nasty comments on this thread about Eric Chapman, Manni spoke highly of him on a personal level as a colleague which showed some real class.

  20. Loved Manni’s comments on how big companies have to really step up and help employees affected by the virus. His obvious business background made his take on that part of the virus issue really hit home. The NW political reporter from Victoria who was on with him was very informative when Manni asked him pointed questions about this, and I heard indicating both had done their homework. Had to chuckle when Manni told this NW reporter that even though they had never met, that he, Manni had looked into his background and then asked how he, his wife and two young kids were dealing with the virus. It broke the ice nicely and they carried on as if they had worked together forever. It was a master stroke which was something I learned at Sauder Business School on engaging an audience—know something personal about your guest that will put them at ease and open them up. Police interrogators use a similar approach. I really liked that political reporter for NW as well…seemed to know his stuff and very articulate.

  21. I do not know Manni and have never heard him but I hope he is as good as you say, the “Great Unwashed” deserve to be informed .

    As to Eric ? No matter what Manni might say Eric is at best an untalented moron navigating the choppy waters of life with room temperature IQ and he should not be allowed anywhere near a Broadcast Booth .

    I suggest you do not take the word of Manni on Eric, please listen to Eric yourself and if you think Eric has anything to offer I would be shocked .

    ‘“Yup, Yah, Uh Huh, Hmmmm, Oh Yah, Ya, Oooh, Yo” .

  22. I don’t know any of the names BMCQ is referring to because I listen to that station so rarely. However, I find BMCQ’s comments regarding ‘Eric’ to be offensive and nothing short of bullying. How do you call someone a ‘moron’ and ‘low IQ’ when you have never met them and know them only through their on air persona. One of the reasons I now listen to NW so rarely is because of similarly offensive comments by Bruce Allen, one of the station’s announcers and his constant reference to the homeless as ‘low lifes’ and ‘dregs of society’. If you don’t like someone on the radio, simply turn it off. The comments always say more about the writer then those they are writing about. Really skilled critics and announcers get their opinions across without resorting to name-calling.

  23. Rebecca

    So let me get this correct, are you telling us that you have absolutely NO Opinions about someone you see, hear, or say read about without actually knowing them Really ?

    Please confirm, I am interested to see if You will confirm that .

    Are you telling us you have no opinions about Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Barack Obama, PM Justin ?

    Why is it you are allowed to have an opinion about Bruce Allen and I am not allowed to have an opinion about poor Eric ? Please clarify . Please re read what you said about Bruce and ask yourself this, “How can I square that Giant Circle “ ?

    You may for some reason think others should not be allowed to have or state opinions of public figures but you are wrong and I really question your logic and the double standard .

    Yikes .

  24. BMCQ, I think you missed Rebecca’s point. She herself is not a name-caller, but was simply pointing out, those who do, are simple, schoolyard bullies and that regardless of whether they’re public figures like Mr. Allen, or someone on an anonymous website like this, does not entitle them to bully. If they do use a public ‘podium’ to name call, simply turn them (and you) off.

  25. No Way

    Unfortunately those who spend most of their time in a “Safe Space and find people like Bruce and BMCQ Bullies will have a most difficult time navigating the choppy waters of every day life .

    I just spent part of the evening watching part of the U.S. Democratic Debat and there was plenty of name calling, I wonder how that would sit with you and others more accustomed to “Safe Spaces” ?

    Again, absolutely no opinion of Trump, Bush, Rush, Obama, PM Justin ? Ever call any of them Moron or uh Low IQ, or uh worse ?

    I challenge either of you to come back and deny .

    Opinions are like Noses, almost everyone has one, some choose to use more colourful language while stating their opinion .

    Personally I would have much more confidence in a Rude PM Leading our Country than the inept, impotent, imbecilic, intellectually challenged PM Justin .

    My apologies, I should have warned you to seek shelter under your desk before I said that .

  26. I forgot all about old Drex. I guess it’s because he’s on that night shift. There’s the fella who is a real tough trooper. Full of fire. Now there’s a guy who could do the whole darn day shift. Mike Smyth could be good. Entertaining and does seem to hold all sides to account in real fight mode. Those two in each their own dayshift segments could be quite the balanced and highlly charged day with all the piss and vinegar and fire. Despite anyone’s political leanings or biases, which most of us possess as humans, these two would be the whole bag of chips for NW to be possibly great again.

  27. Right on BCMQ. There are far too many people these days who can’t handle life and reality. Of whom the ineffable Eric ( and those who agree with him) are prime examples. Don’t worry about the virus folks, Political Correctness will destroy society much sooner.

  28. Bud

    It is rather unfortunate but while most Canadians worry about Safe Spaces, Colourful Language PC SJW B.S. and Wokeness there are some very Hard Working New Comers and the Children of those new Comers taking advantage of what their New Country has to offer and they are getting educated, they are competitive, and they are nit sitting in their mothers basement addicted to X Box . Instead they are out making sure they can compete for all of the Great Jobs that a good education and competitiveness can earn them .

    Just look around and see who all the Professionals are in modern Canadian Society, and I say good for them .

    But not to worry Rebecca and No Way, your Children will at least be very polite, woke, and PC SJW . How lovely .

  29. BMCQ a bully????? Unless the people defending Eric Chapman are his mom and dad I dont think Mr Chapman deserves the kid glove treatment. BMCQ is accurate in his decription of Chapmans lack of talent. It would appear that simply reading 95% of the comments many others agree that Chapman is not quite ready for prime time.

  30. BMCQ, Bud, 13 and the rest of the bullies on here, are on here for one simple reason. They can remain anonymous, and because, as bullies always do, they retreat to their own ‘safe spaces’…threads like this. Leave Mr. Chapman alone. Just because he’s a public figure does not entitle you to berate him. If you’re in the radio business, which clearly you’re not, you would be offering some sound, professional advice. Yelling personal epithets from the bleachers doesn’t cut it.

  31. Rocks

    We live in a democracy, people are allowed opinions, some choose to say nothing others choose to speak out, it is our choice . You are not the thought police, you cannot tell others their business, the host of this blog controls content, not you .

    You in case you have not noticed are free to criticize another participant on this blog, are you not ?

    In my case I listened to the Lynda Show quite often on my drive home, I now choose SXM because if the moronic babble of one Eric, that is my choice and it is also my choice to criticize Eric on this Blog, simple .

    I have no idea where you grew up or what your life experience up to this point has been but if you believe the criticism of Eric is bullying you have my sympathy .

  32. Oohh! Vancouver must be Eric, his mommy or his GF. Clearly suffers from the same thin skin most young folks do these days. Why is it these folks, with no life experience, feel they can censor everything which offiends their insecure, undeveloped personalities? My 20 years in broadcasting provides me with more than enough authority to criticize incompetents on the air. People who 20 years ago, would never have been allowed on the air.

  33. Smyth will be my choice for my listening experience during the week. Jill is ok. But too many times I’ve heard her go off into a different tangent after someone is finished talking on the open line by saying stuff that the caller wasn’t even suggesting or saying. She will sometimes come and say i didn’t mean that or I wasn’t suggesting that even if someone e mails to correct her or give her heck. But at least she acknowegdes it, if she got something wrong and that’s a good thing. Nobodies expected to be perfect. Simi and Steele I find to be to lightweight and maybe flighty to be good challengers. I have noticed a few broadcasters went to soft and maybe ended up losing some of their objective oversight by giving into a flighty warm kind of feeling that everything is perfect with certain government and health officials like in BC and the slow handling of the Covid crisis situation. Instead of some non biased good old harder objectivity toward the officials when it was needed, it felt like a kind of enabling of the officials to be slower in their reactions of what was needed. They got too close and sweet and let down their guard because of it. That is really quite sad. This seems to be a more prevalent path that the station is going. The over bragging of how great and the best they are, of course for brand advertising purposes is really too much.

  34. Mr/Mrs Rocks. Your parents must have decided to name you Vancouver as a joke. School must have been tough on you. If you are a male and have any children what have you named them
    Burnaby , Deroche, Spuzzum.

    If my name was Johnny Rocks I might be tempted to use an alias

  35. Ms Rocks , so just because Eric Chapman is a public figure we that use alias (unlike a straight shooter named Van Rocks) can not comment on him. I believe that being a public figure gives everyone the right to comment on you. Ta ta for now YVR Rocks

  36. So the “new” Simi Sara show is just a continuation of the fill in spot she has been doing the past few months. Nothing original or different, bring on guests and ask them boring, bland cookie cutter type questions without an original thought of her own. This time slot needs a personality on air, something that the current host severely lacks.

  37. Bloody hell! Bad enough Mike is the only host worth listening to these days. Now his stand in is the Prince of Pomposity. A man completely in love with the sound of his own voice and verbosity. Tuned out again.

  38. Solost….I love The Drex. He is such a cool guy to listen too. i wish he had the drive home spot And dump Lynda and her husky voice with her anti pipeline uneducated commentsIt. It won’t be long now before Simi brings back her book club, and childcare segments. Ugh..

  39. I can’t stand Simi, can someone get her codesending self a tissue. Her plugged nose irritates me to no end. I stopped listening to cknw because of her. I even stopped listening to the Simi Sara show, when she was no longer a part of it?! Why the eff, did that happen. So I went to CBC Radio no plugged nose Simi and horrendous commercials. I only tune into cknw to listen toy fav Drex, he keeps me up all night.
    Btw, I did tune back into cknw now that the very deserving Mike got his own show. He should have filled Jon’s shoes, or Sterling

  40. Hey there Rob R and Dana Ranate. I’m in complete agreement about Drex . Mike Smyth has that good fire too. Those are the only two radio broadcasting personalities that makes the listening experience worth it, and Sterling. As the line up is now, Smyth is the only one I get an interesting listening high during the main week hours.
    Sterling on Saturday is a nice fit for some weekend goodies. Him filling Jon’s shoes would have been no problem. He also has the right stuff. I too feel that McCombs shoes have not been filled at all. Too bad.

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