Jon McComb Wearies of Retirement, Prepping a Podcast

The longtime morning host of News/Talk 980 CKNW hung up his mic two months ago, and already he has an itch that hasn’t been scratched.  Jon went to Twitter to announce his plans.

Coming soon to earlobes everywhere


Yes after just 9 weeks of retirement we need to talk. At least I do! Every week the best in commentary, interviews and me free associating. All from the basement! Deetz upcoming! Tell yur friends!!



  1. Wow! That was fast. Hope Till and Reitmeyer are available to assist. Too bad the Corus talent pool is so shallow that no permanent replacement has been named. Thanks

  2. Hey Peter, good question…’NW has become such a gong show!
    Here’s some free advice Corus…wanna make a splash?
    You’re welcome…?

  3. Jon, I wish you success in the realm of podcasting. Ive never listened to one but you will likely be the first.
    As far as worrying about Jons replacement Ive got two names Christy Clark

  4. How about Jon Hadlee or Manny Bazoonis. They were both awesome talk hosts at CFUN and QMFM. Both intelligent and nailed the issues with informed opinions. Bazoonis especially really got an audience going. I still hear him once in a while on NW. I know Hadlee was a lawyer and may have gone back into that profession.

  5. McComb knew he was going to do this BEFORE he left ‘NW – exactly two months ago.
    he knew it would take him- exactly two months- to build his home studio.

  6. Jon will discover – like 99% of podcasters
    that with out the “machinery” of a Station/Network;
    -ie newscasts, reporters, interviews, traffic updates, promos, music, (even commercials )
    that even HE (“the famous”) Jon McComb, is just another bald, chubby, retired guy sitting in his basement on a Tuesday morning yapping into dead space.
    “Umm… kinda drizzly out today…”.

  7. Simi has just been announced at JM’s “replacement”. The only hope for one show worth listening to is, if Mike Smythe, who should be in JM’s slot, at least gets Simi’s. Now, Smythe is a hell of a reporter. Though he is a disaster as a broadcaster with appalling English usage, he is fun to listen to and is tenacious and well informed. Unlike anything else offered by ‘NW these days. Top dog? Piddling pup. more like. Vanilla radio.

  8. NW took the safe route. They have a new morning host who will show up, the is not controversial, reasonably well-informed, and can fill a four-hour, heavily-formatted show. She needs a lot of work on her interviewing technique with a tendency to simply repeat what the interviewee has just said, as her next question. She would also benefit by not appearing, on occasion, to talk down to her show colleagues, especially if they’re male.


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