David Phillips: No Data Strategy Required


David Phillips from NLogic is an admitted nerd when it comes to data. He really loves it. Something he is very good at is deciphering how data should be applied to your brand, your radio stations, your strategies, and your ad sales. However, one thing you should definitely not have is a data strategy. He speaks about numbers having blind spots and becoming too attached to the data we love and not challenging it enough. A couple of times a year, I’ll get together with David and we will catch up on anything and everything as it relates to the numbers broadcasters come into contact with.

Here is our YouTube discussion from last year. And by the way, please subscribe to the channel when you are there.

NLogic has been a supporter of the show since 2016 and many Canadian listeners to the show will know NLogic as the distributor of their radio sales software. Even if you are listening to this from outside of Canada, David will give you a perspective on how too much data could be overload for what you are trying to accomplish as a brand. The accent by the way is English – and David appeared on the podcast back in 2017 where we talked about… wait for it. Data.

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