CBC Really? Trump Cameo Cut from Christmas Broadcast of “Home Alone 2”


by Team Bongino

December 26, 2019

Canada’s government-owned broadcasting network, CBC, cut Donald Trump out of its Christmas Day broadcast of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

ComicBook.com first reported the omission, and reached out to CBC and asked why Trump was edited out of the movie.

“As is often the case with features adapted for television, Home Alone 2 was edited to allow for commercial time within the format,” responded the network.

PJ Media points out that the explanation doesn’t exactly add up:


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  1. I watched (well home alone two was on tv and I was in the next room ) some family members exclaimed look there is Donald Trump.
    Its obvious the TV was not tuned into CBC.
    The FACT that our government owned and operated TV station chooses what Canadians should or shouldnt see make me want to vomit.
    Personally Ive about had it with the pathetic one side PC SJW broadcaster.
    I will make a conserted effort to avoid watching or listening to the CBC

  2. The late entitled Barbara Frum used to lament that MORE women were needed in management at CBC.
    We now have women in management (and virtually ALL prominent on-air positions) at CBC.
    Have things improved? Radio is still good, and gets good ratings, but TV is horrendous.
    Unless the women managers stop the leftist pandering to minorities SJWs and start making programs that ALL Canadians can enjoy, CBC TV is going to destroy the whole organisation.
    It’s a sad commentary that Coronation Street is one of their highest rated programs.

  3. I think the CBC should be defunded and left to fend for itself like PBS. Pun intended. However I accept their version of events that the film was edited in 2014 when they acquired it so they could jam in more commercials. Having spent the better part of two decades in the halls of a television station it’s a completely reasonable explanation. Was the editor a Trump hater?….probably but politics aside the reality is that the scene could easily be cut without disturbing the story. The film has aired numerous times the CBC since 2014 without the Trump scene and not a peep from anyone. There are so many real examples of CBC bias there is no sense is using a phoney one.

  4. Yes obiwan I have heard that explanation as well. If the CBC was well run, fair, unbiased and striving to be a stronghold of fair balanced info they would have put the Trump edit back in understanding how it would be perceived in todays climate of DTS

  5. Would be interesting to see what the ratings were. I’m not trashing Home Alone but it is available on every platform there is 365 days a year. Why not run The Irish Rovers specials and A Frank Mills Christmas to name a few. Dust off Tommy Hunter and Rita McNeil too. I don’t think anyone will miss it if they pull Home next year.

  6. TDS runs rampant. The other day a blogger accused me of blaming Trudeau for everything except a clogged kitchen sink.
    Trudeau would better fit in a clogged toilet.
    Add this insult to Trudeaus blathering in the hall to his high school buds and the toilet clog is digging a deep hole in our relationship with POTUS


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