UVic auctioning 10,000 items from its vinyl record library


The University of Victoria owns thousands and thousands of vinyl recordings, ranging from classical recordings of Beethoven and Chopin, to the 80s pop of Elvis Costello and Blondie, to recorded readings of poetry by Rudyard Kipling and George Bernard Shaw.

But they take up space, so much space that by selling off 10,000 of them at auction, the university will be able to create a study and instructional space.

The timing is right too: While music-streaming platforms are on the rise, vinyl is having a moment, with records set to outsell CDs for the first time in more than 30 years, according to the Recording Industry Association of America.

“I think that people still really do like LPs, or at least they’re coming back into style,” UVic music and media librarian Bill Blair said, adding that vinyl records still have something to offer even with the convenience and massive availability of streaming services.

The university’s libraries are auctioning off more than 10,000 records through the BC Auction website in lots of around 350 to 750 items, with bids on the available lots ranging from $39 to $230 for a lot by Friday afternoon. The last auction blocks close on the evening of Dec. 23, although some closed earlier.

Bidders can expect to receive a selection that mostly includes classical music, as well as a bit of jazz, folk, pop and world music. As far as formats go, the collection is mostly composed of LPs, as well as a few 12-inch records and 78s.

Read the rest of the Globe & Mail article  HERE.


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