Veteran journalists depart CTV Ottawa amid ‘dramatic shift’ in local news

Veteran anchor Michael O’Byrne is among the slew of journalists retiring this week from CTV Ottawa. Photo via Bell Media.

A slew of journalists are leaving CTV Ottawa this week as the shifting business model for local television news continues to put pressure on broadcasters.

Among the veteran newscasters signing off this week are sportscaster Terry Marcotte, anchor Michael O’Byrne and reporter Joanne Schnurr, who, combined, have spent more than a century working for the CJOH/CTV station in Ottawa. Reporter Catherine Lathem will also depart the station after 18 years.

Behind the scenes, award-winning editor Tony Zito and senior producer Mark Tomkins are also wrapping up with CTV this week.

The departing journalists have received an outpouring of well-wishes on social media upon announcing their retirements or plans to pursue new opportunities.

A Bell Media spokesperson confirmed to OBJ that departing employees at the CTV Ottawa station will be replaced, though those roles could look significantly different than years past, according to a source familiar with the changing tides at the local broadcaster.

“There is a dramatic shift underway,” says Kimothy Walker, an Ottawa-based PR professional who left her anchor position with CTV Ottawa in 2014 following 25 years with the station.

Television journalists are increasingly expected to both shoot and report their own stories, Walker says, a departure from the traditional TV model that saw on-air reporters work with a dedicated cameraperson.

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  1. Was a time when the local station would send a reporter and a “cameraman” in a ratty old van. CBC TV would show up with a giant rig complete with driver who’d sit in the truck smoking while a flock of people piled out. One reporter, one videographer, one…audiographer and one who stood there holding cables off the ground. And if it was a big enough story there’d also be the same show, en francais. That one person can now do pretty much the same thing with a Smart Car and a Smart Phone….is either fantastic, or depressing.

  2. Rasterman’s right. How many cute doggy stories before you turn off. Fact is, there’s been a slow death in local tv News for some time. I have 3 News apps on my phone that keep me up to date, which makes the local tv News outdated. Weather and traffic apps too. Do I need a giggly weather girl telling me take an umbrella tomorrow. NO!

  3. What I am finding is the “News” is no longer news. Time for the 6 o’clock “Opinions”.

    I no longer trust the big media outlets who are bent on bombarding me with “Progressive” assumptions the rest of the world has prescribed for Canada. I don’t buy into it, nor do many of the people I talk with on this matter. The media, especially the News has become a propaganda machine which I no longer wish to subscribe with.

    Gone are times when the 5 W’s are important in news. Most of the time at best you get three of them.


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