Vancouver Radio PPM’s … Aug. 26 – Nov. 24 2019


Demographic: A12+
Daypart: Monday to Sunday 2am-2am
Geography: Vancouver CTRL
Data type: Respondent

Station                                           AMA (000)      Daily Cume (000)      Share (%)     Trend

CBU+        (Radio One)                     16.8                         207.1                     16.5                   -0.6

CKNW        (News/Talk 980)         13.9                         189.1                     13.7                 +1.9

CHQMFM  (A/C QM/FM)                9.2                        329.6                        9.0                  +0.4

CFMIFM   (Classic Rock)                   8.2                        225.8                        8.1                  -2.2

CFOXFM   (New Rock)                       5.8                        152.2                        5.7                  +0.3

CFBTFM   (Virgin Radio)                   5.6                        256.0                        5.6                  +0.2

CJJRFM     (JR Country)                    5.2                        126.5                         5.1                   -0.3

CJAXFM    (Jack 96.9)                         5.0                        208.3                        4.9                   -1.4

CKZZFM    (Z 95.3)                               4.6                        212.7                        4.5                    n/c

CKWX        (News 1130)                      4.1                        168.0                        4.1                  +0.5

CKKSFM   (KiSS 104.9)                       3.4                        169.9                        3.3                  -0.5

CHLGFM   (The Breeze)                      3.3                        138.6                        3.2                  -0.2

CBUFM     (CBC Music)                       3.1                          70.7                         3.1                  +0.1

KWPZFM  (Praise FM/Lynden)      3.1                          69.1                        3.0                 +0.8

CKST          (TSN 1040)                          2.6                          74.1                        2.6                 +0.5

CKPKFM   (The Peak)                          2.4                          88.0                        2.4                  -0.2

CISL            (Sports 650)                        1.8                          51.6                        1.8                 +0.8

CHMJ         (All Traffic 730)                 0.9                         64.9                         0.9                   n/c

CFTE          (BNN Bloomberg)            0.5                          15.2                         0.4                   n/c

Spill Stations: CKKSFM (Vancouver/Chilliwack), KWPZFM (Vancouver/ )
August 26, 2019 – November 24, 2019
Average Daily Universe: 2,369,000
PPM Top-line Radio Statistics

Average Minute Audience (000): Expressed in thousands, this is the average number of persons exposed to a radio station during an average minute. Calculated by adding all the individual minute audiences together and dividing by the number of minutes in the daypart.
Average Daily Cume (000): Expressed in thousands, this is the average number of unique listeners who were exposed to the station for at least one minute during an average day. Calculated by adding the number of unique listeners each day and dividing it by the number of days in the analysis.
Share: Within a central market area, the estimated total hours tuned to that station expressed as a percentage of total hours tuned to Total Encoded Radio.
Average Daily Universe: The average daily universe for the analyzed period. The universe is expressed as daily averages because it changes slightly daily as the intab changes.


  1. Vancouver radio sucks! It’s also racist! There is NO stations playing ‘Black’ music. I want a classic station that plays Funk, R&B, Soul, Reggae, and Hip Hop.

  2. While I also enjoy that musical genre, that experiment was tried with The Beat 94.5 (2002-2004), with the station only really coming into it’s own once it transitioned to a straight-ahead CHR. What I have trouble understanding are the seemingly large jumps (CKNW up 1.9 and CFMI down 2.2). These corrections weren’t commonplace in the days of BBM.

  3. Oh for all you cry babies that just whine, cry and complain about CKNW. EAT IT! They are doing just so terrible eh? You dinosaurs should just accept defeat, but you won’t because people in Vancouver need to complain to feel important. WAY TO GO NW! You terrible people you. ??

  4. @david … in the ratings that nobody looks at and have nothing to do with their ability to make money. Funny you should mention dinosaurs…

  5. Some of the comments that appear here are obviously being made by people outside the industry.
    Comments like, “Vancouver radio sucks! It’s also racist! There is NO stations playing ‘Black’ music. I want a classic station that plays Funk, R&B, Soul, Reggae, and Hip Hop.” Vancouver is hardly a market for that music as indicated in a response above. Some R&B may work along with some Reggae but I doubt the local denizens have much to do with the remainder on your list.
    Also, looking at your message before you post will eliminate lines like, ” There is NO stations …”.

  6. @Terry. Im not sure that being “in” the industry is the issue. The issue seems to be you were trolled. Some comments are so goofy they dont deserve a reply.

  7. Terry

    I suggest you pay close attention to the comment posted by 13 .

    BTW – How is my spelling and grammar ? I just gotsta ask .


    I am quite confident most of those you find fault with actually want CKNW to succeed and they enjoy most of the NW Programming and that is why they listen . Those same people just don’t like some of the changes over the past while and that is ok in a free society .

    Just because NW or any other Station sees a blip up does not mean they areal of a sudden a world beater, there might be many different reasons for that improvement, most of which I am not qualified to explain .

    Then there is always this to consider .

    It may be that NW is a 4 In a Sea of 2’s and 3’s .

    You might be impressed and that is fine by me but that does not all of a sudden make the people you criticize morons .

  8. ‘Love how when these ratings come out
    … Many of the people who comment
    … Proudly tell us that they no longer listen to radio
    … Because they want to go BACK into some kind of “time machine”.
    Well, we’ll SEE YA LATER
    The 25-55 demo doesn’t hang out in retirement homes.
    (Just like it didn’t in the ’60’s or 70’s)

  9. Vancouver radio isn’t racist. It’s a business.
    And because it’s a business, the radio formats are geared toward as wide an audience as possible.
    Unfortunately, that also means there isn’t the groundswell of support for an urban/hip hop station like the old KUBE 93.3 or the original 94.5 The Beat.
    This is where satellite can more than pick up the slack.
    Heck, I can program a better radio station on my phone using Spotify or Apple Music.
    Radio for me is about live and local news and I have three distinct flavours of that in WX, NW, and The CBC.

  10. Larry

    Until the over say 50 year olds give or pass on Money to the younger demo that younger demo for the most part will not have much money to speak of .

    That same demo of which you speak do not buy sidewalks, driveways, fireplaces, roofs, gutters, carpets, jewels, BMW, other autos, Moore’s clothing, and so many more that place ads on NW.

    Those over 55 spend almost 60 % of the money spent on consumer goods .

    You are hanging out in the wrong retirement homes, it is those over 55 that have all the money .

  11. Who listens to radio? Older people that enjoy a non music format. People that are politically involved. People that want news , traffic, weather reports and sports. People who for whatever reason cant be in front of a TV set. Shift workers, commuters, and my favorite category truck drivers.
    Personally I am older, a commuter and a truck driver. I listen to radio about 15 hours per day 5 day a week. So to the larrys terrys and davids I dont care whom you consider qualified to comment. BTW Ive been trucking since 1974 . Thats a shit load of radio listening

  12. BMCQ
    Well, I just spent Sunday watching NFL football.
    And every ad I saw;
    … for cars, home improvement, home entertainment …
    featured actors who were all about 35 years old.
    I’m sure if you watch TV during prime time you’ll see the same thing.

    I’m over 55.
    But if I dig out my old LIFE magazines, (or go “retro” online) I’ll see that advertisers have always targeted the “young Mom” (and her goofy husband) aged about 32-35.
    Always have. Always will.

    I’m not disputing your economics BMCQ.
    But, ain’t nobody building their Super Bowl ads around 66 year olds.
    ‘Must be a reason.

  13. Larry

    Do you think advertisers of any kind are going to actually use old fat people of any ethnicity, any skin Colour, or any of the many now several genders to advertise anything ?

    Even old folks homes use younger looking fit and attractive types to promote their products .

    When was the last time you saw a dimple on any ass in a Sandals ad ?

    Advertisers want everyone and everyone to look young and youthful because it sells and they know for the most part the Great Unwashed will fall for what they are selling .

    Having said all of that no matter how one wants to Spin it the younger demographic with no money is going to purchase much in the way of a very high percentage of the products advertised on NW .

    It is not my fault that NW Advertisers are fooled into thinking that someone still living in the basement of their parents basement playing video games will purchase their products advertised on NW, that is for them to figure out .

    Imagine how NW might react if all of a sudden NW Advertisers finally realize that NW are actually after a much different demographic than the ones that the advertiser is trying to attract as customers and those very same Advertisers decide to seek out advertising on another station who has a demographic better suited for the products that market .

    It could and should happen but I honestly do not expect those advertisers to have an awakening and figure it out any time soon .

    I suggest you tune into the Barrett Jackson Auto Auction in a few weeks and then get back to me on how many under 50’s you see spending $ 500 plus K on a Classic Car .

    In closing I will also say that I doubt very much we have any neighbours that own a house within a square mile that are under 50 years old, it might not be that way in every neighborhood but ……….

    Let’s be honest, “Pajama Boys” aren’t buying much of anything advertised on CKNW or any regular TV Cable Channel for that matter .

    Time for Advertisers to wake up to that fact .

  14. BCMQ.
    Thank you for your detailed & thoughtful response.
    (Keep in mind that I mentioned I’m over 55).

    Why don’t advertisers market to people over 60?
    – Because people over 60’s DON’T HAVE BABIES.
    – And they don’t buy cribs
    – And they don’t need to “reno/paint” another room for the kid to sleep in
    – And they don’t need to buy school clothes
    – And they don’t need to buy a 2nd car so they can drive the kid(s) to soccer.
    – And they don’t buy a 2nd BIG screen TV for the kid’s room.
    – And they don’t need to buy a bigger house because the kids are gangly, grumpy teens.

    People over 60 just sit around
    – In rather tired old houses
    – Driving rather tired old cars
    – Worrying (about everything)
    – While watching curling
    And handing out money to their kids … who use it to buy stuff for THEIR kids.

    THAT’S why advertisers will always target 28-38 year olds.
    They’re the one’s doing the spending.

  15. Larry

    Please forgive me for pointing out the obvious but CKNW never air Ads for any of the things you listed except maybe Reno products but in fact it is those over 50 that own most of the houses of any consequence today .

    When was the last time you heard any Ad on NW directed to Cribs or other Children’s products ?

    I drove from my office in Burnaby to Downtown to a Shipyard in North Van and back to Burnaby listening to NW all the way and heard NO Ads directed to Children’s Products but many Ads directed to those I have already mentioned which target “People Kind” over 50 .

    Once again it is NOT the 28 – 38 spending the money, stats show that almost 60% of Consumer Goods are purchased by those over 55, facts are facts . You just cannot wish things to be how you want it to be, sometimes facts get in the way of a good story .

    In good fun I challenge you to listen to NW for a few hours over the next few days and make note of the Advertisers, then come back to this spot and show me how wrong I am about just who advertises on CKNW .

    I can hardly wait to see the results of your research .

  16. RE: Larry

    I agree with you 200%! In fact I couldn’t agree with you more! I think BMCQ ya just need to give up on. All these people that bad talk CKNW every single book, every single post, should go get a hobby. If you are so disgusted with NW and they are just so terrible, then let me ask you this…Why do you listen?!? Oh that’s right to have something to complain about so you feel good about yourself. This is a BC thing, which is very sad but not new and completely expected. No other places in Canada have the comments and negative posts like BC. The part that’s even more sad is no other station in the Vancouver market gets the bad talk like CKNW, yet they are doing very well. The people with the nasty comments in the Vancouver market are like clockwork. You can count down to the second when they will start to chirp.

  17. BCMQ.
    – I will continue to believe that younger people (25-45) and families, drive consumer spending and therefore advertising trends.
    – You don’t agree.
    All good.
    Thank you for the lively discussion.

  18. DAVID

    I have an idea .

    Why not prove me wrong by providing facts that actually prove me wrong instead of juvenile name calling .

    Or is it as I suspect, you would rather not be confused by the facts because you have already made up your mind ?

    Oh, I forgot,

  19. What a hoot. I have 3 sons that range from 30 to 45 years of age. For many years they chided me for listening to talk radio. The two older now listen to a lot of talk radio. They are aging in to the bracket that NWs advertisers aim at.
    Larrys list was so incredibly wrong that I am wondering if he actual has ever listened to NW
    David strikes me as having a job at NW or a relative that works there his defense of everything NW sounds like his job depends on deflecting rational criticism of NWs poor choice of a target audience


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