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As True North reported last week, despite receiving $1.2 BILLION from the federal government, Canada’s state broadcaster cut 35 jobs and reported a loss of $54.4 million for the year.
Similarly, the Toronto Star, which receives $115,000 PER WEEK in federal tax credits as part of the media bailout package, cut 73 jobs after halting the publication of StarMetro newspapers throughout the country.
The mainstream media is failing.
And it’s obvious why. They’re not reporting on news that Canadians actually care about.
They don’t know what Canadians want. Instead, they would rather ram their leftist worldview down our throats.
They’re more preoccupied with taking down President Trump than focusing on Canada.
It’s no wonder so many Canadians have stopped watching the mainstream media.
At True North, we’re not beholden to any special interest group or political party. We report on news that matters to Canadians. We seek out the truth – no spin, no political correctness.

Candice Malcolm
Founder, True North

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  1. I have zero interest in broadcasters opinions when it’s labelled as News. If I want options, I will read the Letters to the Editor, or I will tune in talk shows. When I turn on the news, I want only the facts. Most mainstream so called news outlets have abandoned the 5W’s. They tease you with only two of them and then interject their opinions to the rest of the story. The tops of the hours should be re-branded as “Now for the Opinions”.

    Secondly – if there is no news- shorten the broadcast and use a 60 second filler not labelled as news. A good news human story that is truthful would be refreshing. Making non news worthy story’s mainstream news because the Program Director says the news segment is 3 minutes- hell or high water is really stupid.

    Obviously nobody will do this so I now have 1775 songs on my USB stick in my truck and seldom listen to radio anymore on my commute. Even the traffic helicopter is 90% advertising and 10% not very helpful traffic information delivered by pubescent children. Same goes with local TV news, I now seldom watch it either. Too busy watching commercial free Netflix or Prime when I want.

    Also I don’t use the misinformation highway, or what others call Facebook or Twitter. In my opinion it has become weaponized to divide the people with polarizing half truths on any subject under the rainbow. I hear many so called news stories quoting these sources as news. Absolutely insane.

    Countries, provinces, cities or companies cannot succeed unless everyone is pushing in the same direction. Today everybody is out for themselves and what’s in it for me rules the way things are done.

    You guessed it- I’m a confirmed Boomer folks. Get off my lawn!!!!!!

  2. Hey Chris..ease up big fella..back on the de-caf! I’m a Boomer who appreciates some of the news, even that young ‘eye in the sky’ when in gridlock.
    Heck ‘when everyone was pulling together?’ When was that?

  3. One of the biggest problems facing newsrooms these days is political correctness. Remember that PC is a social theory predicated upon the idea it is possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

    The talking heads are so sanitized one could eat a meal off of their coiffures without fear of contamination.

    CBC isn’t interested in anything which they can’t manipulate into a tear-jerker and tie in the so-called “first nations” somehow. Sadly, this is increasingly spreading to other media outlets.

  4. Well, I am a Boomer also. I have a zero-turn-radius lawnmower to prove it.

    Ok, Chad is correct. There is shit to fix for our children and grandchildren. This is especially true for those of us, by dint of our age, that are now tribal elders (I am an elder of my Old Stock Canadian tribe).

    Back to the point. CBC should be defunded for the regurgitating the same crap that is spewed by the non-Government broadcasters. I fully support the CBC, however, for their “low in viewership but high in appreciation” programming such as Murdoch Mysteries and Anne with an E.

  5. If the CBC truly believes in the tripe it is force feeding the public, why not go PBS, and survive on subscriptions… Well, we know why don’t we???

  6. Let’s just privatize CBC’s TV operations and spin off the radio side into a non-profit listener-supported outfit like NPR is and get it done with.

  7. I have many concerns with And agree with the negative comments here regarding the CBC .

    Honestly I cannot remember the last time I actually watched anything on CBC and we record and speed watch TV News every night along with another perhaps hour or so of other programming which we pre record .

    Yes, let’s throw the “Elite” CBC and their SJW PC Talking Heads to the Wolves and make them compete in the real world but at the same time we must somehow ensure that those Canadian Residents that live in the Far North and other isolated areas are provided with a Visual Media that provides News, Educational, and other essential Programing .

    How do we manage that and how is that done without manipulation and bias I do not know, but we cannot just cut those Canadians off without the basics .

    I do not know much about the logistics but with Satellite today there must a more or less practical way to deliver News and other Media/Tv Programming to remote areas, the people that live there deserve at least fair and balanced Media and News .

    For reasons unknown to me Canadians have just re-elected a Federal Liberal Government which may be re-elected again in another four years so I do not see any action being taken to hold the CBC and their Wasteful and Bloated Cesspool of Corruption to account any time soon and uh those at the uh CBC are uh well aware uh of uh that .

    What a shame .

  8. I wish that the CBC, The Senate, Equalization payments, cash settlements with murderers, cash settlements to ancestors of people that were treated unfairly 100s of years ago, mountains of government red tape, endless legal costs fighting to build infrastructure, roadblocks to trade between provinces,and the USA would just cease to exist.

    Seems that gassing the CBC to save money would be like blowing out a match while the forest burns


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