New York had David Letterman. LA has Jimmy Kimmel. Las Vegas has John Barbour.

John Barbour in home office in Las Vegas


At 86, the godfather of reality television isn’t finished creating…

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Reno Gazette Journal

November 16, 2019


LAS VEGAS – On a wall in John Barbour’s home office is a cast of famous faces he’s met over the years – often in front of a rolling TV camera.

There he is shaking Ronald Reagan’s hand.

And that’s him roasting his mentor, Redd Foxx, on “The Dean Martin Show.”

And there he is interviewing Jane Fonda — and Muhammad Ali.

And look here, tucked in a frame — a 1978 letter from Ol’ Blue Eyes:

“You ain’t a Henny Youngman, but you’re all mine,” Frank Sinatra wrote of “I Met A Man I Didn’t Like” – Barbour’s second comedy record. “I will be in touch during the two weeks I’m in L.A., I have a thought regarding you and me.”

Sinatra introduced Barbour on “The Tonight Show.”

The relics in Barbour’s office are just a few from a show business career that earned him five Emmys.

Barbour is best known as “the godfather of reality TV” for his work as creator, producer and co-host of the hit show “Real People.” The program showed viewers pre-taped segments infused with banter about jobs and hobbies of everyday folks.  It aired from 1979 to 1984.

But almost a decade earlier, Barbour captivated audiences with a sharp and humorous interviewing style as the original host of the Los Angeles morning show “AM LA.”

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John Barbour will be returning to Canada for his second book tour in February of 2020

His book is called, Your Mother’s Not a Virgin, which would make a great stocking stuffer this Christmas

To purchase his remarkable book, by the remarkable man, click on image below.






  1. I highly recommend his book. It’s a fascinating and fun read. Barbour is a wealth of stories about celebrities, not to mention his own rags to riches story. And he’s from Toronto!


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