Ross Davies on Programming, Measuring, and Regulating Radio


Ross Davies spent a good chunk of his career working for CHUM in the programming, operations and senior management positions. In this podcast episode, we went back to the beginning where he started his career with Moffatt Communications. He moved to Toronto in 1979 has worked with Standard Radio, Canadian Satellite Radio, Astral Media Radio and (as mentioned) CHUM Ltd. More recently, Ross served as Director of Member Engagement/Radio for Numeris, the leading provider ratings to broadcasters and advertisers. Ross was also part of the executive team at XM Satellite radio that launched Canada’s first satellite radio service in 2005. (The merger with Sirius came much later) We also dug into him co-creating the original Jack/Bob variety hits format with the launch of Bob-FM in Winnipeg in the spring of 2002.

Ross is putting together some of the radio panels at Canadian Music Week this year and provided some intel into what we can expect May 20-22 when it all takes place. He also welcomes your feedback so shoot him an e-mail – but only after you listen to what he has shared. (It’s towards the end of the podcast by the way)

This episode is powered by the people who deliver some of that Numeris data: NLogic and their new Services division.
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