One of my Favourite Flashbacks, with Heart

On October 17, 1967 Roger Fisher and Steve Fossen shook hands and co-founded the band that would become Heart. The Army 67′ – 68′ … Whiteheart 68′ – 69′ … October 1969 becoming Heart. Ann Wilson joined in 1972 … Nancy 1974 … Howard Leese and Michael Derosier joined in 1975 … Dreamboat Annie recorded and released in CANADA 1975 … Released to the rest of the world 1976 … !!!



  1. Went to a B.T.O. concert in Kamloops way back in the mid-70’s
    Heart was their warm-up band.

    Heart rocked the place so hard, that I couldn’t last the full length of B.T.O. as I was completey wiped out from the music onslaught.


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