TVA Leaders’ Debate: the FIX is IN … and it STINKS!


by Harvey Oberfeld

Keeping It Real

September 29, 2019


The stench from the French-language TVA Network Leaders’ Debate, to be held Wednesday, is already wafting across Canada.

The Quebec network has refused to allow Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and Peoples’ Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier … both NATIONAL party leaders …to take part.

Which again makes me question the ethics, principles and integrity of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh … who will go along with this discriminatory, divisive and simply UNFAIR format.

Of course, Bloc Quebec Leader Yves-François Blanchet is all IN!

He’ll be there … no doubt in fine Quebec nationalist form … I believe purposefully aided and abetted by TVA to score points against Trudeau, the only other fully bilingual opponent.

Had Bernier ..who is also from Quebec and Francophone … been allowed to take part, the debate would be MUCH MORE active, interesting and challenging … especially for the separatist sympathetic Bloc.

And it would be great to see his vision of Canada come up against Trudeau and Scheer en francais au Quebec!

So why the “fixed” setup for the TVA debate?

I believe TVA wants a mano-a-mono slugfest between Trudeau and Blanchet: the others are just window dressing.

And another factor might also concern something the CBC recently reported:

“TVA is run by Quebecor, which also manages the Journal de Montréal and the Journal de Québec, and is headed by Pierre-Karl Péladeau — who was briefly leader of the Parti Québécois and who attended a Bloc Québécois campaign-launch event last month.”

Mon dieu!

Does the selective, exclusionary banning of a Canadian nationalist leader … but the welcoming of a Quebec separatist-supporting leader, pass the SMELL test for you?

Pas pour moi! Not for me!

And why is May being excluded? She IS the leader of a NATIONAL party … and she CAN speak French.

Do Quebec voters not care about the environment ? Do Francophone voters not deserve an EQUAL chance to hear May along with the other NATIONAL leaders?

Apparently NOT on TVA!

It stinks!

Or as we say en francais: Ca pue!

Harv Oberfeld


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