Kevin O’Leary’s Wife charged in Boat Crash that Killed 2

Kevin and Linda O’Leary are seen in this undated photo from Instagram. On Tuesday, Ontario Provincial Police announced that Linda is facing a single charge in connection with a fatal Muskoka-area boat crash that left two people dead. (Kevin O’Leary/Instagram)

The wife of TV personality and businessman Kevin O’Leary is facing a single charge over a boat crash in the Muskoka area last month that left two people dead.

Linda O’Leary, 56, is charged with careless operation of a vessel, in contravention of the Canada Shipping Act, small vessel regulations.

One other person is charged in connection with the collision, according to a news release issued Tuesday by the Ontario Provincial Police. Richard Ruh, 57, of Orchard Park, N.Y., has been charged with failing to exhibit a navigation light while underway, in contravention of Section 23 of the Canada Shipping Act, collision regulations.

Staff Sgt. Carolle Dionne, a spokesperson for the OPP, said Tuesday the charges follow “a thorough investigation” and carry a maximum penalty of 18 months imprisonment or a fine of $1 million.

“Linda O’Leary’s charges are before the courts, so there’s very little other details that we can release to ensure a fair court proceeding,” Dionne told CBC Toronto in a telephone interview.

Kevin O’Leary’s cottage on Lake Joseph is seen in this image taken by a drone last week. (CBC)

Linda O’Leary an ‘experienced boater’

Linda O’Leary’s lawyer Brian Greenspan described his client as “a cautious and experienced boater.”

He noted that police have charged the driver of the other boat with operating without a proper light, which may have contributed to the collision.

“On this dark evening, [O’Leary], on approaching her home, tragically came into contact with an unlit boat,” Greenspan told CBC Toronto.

“She finds the entire matter tragic,” he added. “She’s grief stricken.”

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  1. Was this a cover up? How much will Kevin pay to keep his wife from serving time! There are at least two levels of justice in North America, as you know, one for the poor and one for the wealthy.

  2. Cover up? Very few headlines mentioned that both parties in the accident were charged. Running a boat without lights on a dark lake puts the majority of the responsibility on you. Perhaps Mrs. O’Leary was going faster than she should have been considering the conditions but the majority of the blame still rests with the dark boat.

  3. Thx Obiwan…your post makes sense…
    Rasterman…nice try…no cigar this time…
    Rob…justice for all is a figment of politicians tiny minds…


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