Five Years of Slipping TV Ratings (US)

Sam Lothridge/CBS
‘NCIS: New Orleans’ is a case study for linear ratings sliding in recent years.


  1. I believe a big part of this is Gaming and Gamers .

    Video Games and those mostly males that are consumed by them are also affecting Sport, Attendance at Sporting Events, Golf, Night Clubs, Bars, and much more .

    A huge sea change is taking place right before your eyes, you will not believe the changes that take place by 2025 .

    Believe it or not this phenomena will even affect Employment, Dating and Marriage, all will be way down over the next ten years or so .

    Youngish Males will soon find it very difficult to function in the same kind of society you grew up in and that behavior will change all of our lives .

    Get ready to have basically non functioning single Male Children hanging around your house residing in the basement for decades to come Mom and Dad .

    Time to do something now before it is too late .

  2. Surprise,surprise to many of you mature readers here. I prefer radio to cable tv in 2019 and being owned by the cable companies. We dropped Shaw nearly three months ago and just watch a little Netflix at night. Life without commercials and not becoming a tv vegetable. Gaming and gamers is a whole different world.

  3. The networks are blaming the internet but it’s just part of the story. The global corporations that were allowed to take over North American media have cheapened the product. Half hour shows that used to have five or six minutes worth of ads prior to consolidation now have doubled to ten minutes. Ads are now cut directly into the program content to make them even more intrusive.
    Reality shows that were produced by independent producers have been taken in-house and budgets slashed.


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