Steve Huber’s ‘Cat Country’ making waves on the prairies…

Cat Country station owner Steve Huber continues the ongoing promotion giveaways at his new radio station and today’s winner of a brand new HP Lap top,  along with about a $1000 in gift certificates to local businesses in , Assiniboia, Moose Jaw and Regina, goes to our lucky Cat Country 98 listener and winner, Kyla Prefontaine  Congratulations Kyla! on your grand prize win this morning!
With a sun fun filled summer having come to a close, Steve is happy to report things have been hot! picking up a number of well known business accounts, but then again, Steve, Cat is Hot property.
Continued success to Steve and his Team, from your friends at Puget Sound Radio.
WOW! Not to forget about the BIG STUFF…

Was just in contact with Steve by fb pm, and he added the following words;

The other big promotion we have going on is Strait to Vegas with Cat Country 98! Round trip flights from West Jet, MGM Grand Casino and Resort, 2 prime tickets to see King George and $500 USD to top it up!! The response has been absolutely insane. Last week alone we had over 2300 people enter online ?


thanks Steve, no doubt, Assiniboia and Cat Country are where it’s happening…
Best of success,


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