Showbiz Legend & Godfather of Reality TV John Barbour UNLEASED & UNCENSORED!



Published on 17 Aug 2019

John Barbour is a showbiz legend. He worked with Frank Sinatra. He interviewed such figures as boxer Muhammad Ali, gangster Mickey Cohen, Ronald Reagan, Jane Fonda, and American labor leader Cesar Chavez among others. He helped create reality TV in 1979 with the groundbreaking show Real People. He was a player in the 1960’s “sick humor” comedy circuit alongside greats like Redd Foxx, Dick Gregory, and Lenny Bruce. And now he’s telling his story in a funny, warm, and comprehensive autobiography entitled Your Mother’s Not a Virgin!:
The Bumpy Life and Times of the Canadian Dropout Who Changed the Face of American TV! John joins us UNLEASHED and UNCENSORED to discuss his life and times. He doesn’t mince words and speaks his mind at all times. He may surprise you. He may upset you. He may make you laugh. But, if you’re like me, you’ll never find him boring. We discuss a number of topics in this conversation including his take on Quentin Tarantino’s latest movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, coming to Hollywood during the heated cultural turmoil of America during the Cold War, his relationship with the legendary cinematographer and director Haskell Wexler, his role in creating reality television with the show Real People, and his involvement in 1960’s stand-up comedy.
You’ll also hear John’s takes on politics, something he’s very passionate about and finds a way to interject into the conversation. Agree or disagree with those views, John is always an engaging speaker with a fascinating life story.
John Barbour will be starting a Canadian Tour promoting his new book in September 2019. More details to follow….



  1. That was a fantastic job of hosting an interview….. and I’m so happy that it was John Barbour Who was the recipient of such professionalism. I can think of very few people that I respect as much as John Barbour. I am definitely going to buy the book – he is such an interesting guy and has so many great stories and I want to hear them all.

  2. there is nothing “sentimental” about John’s look at his life growing up and his interactions with the biz of Hollywood. that’s the greatness of his book. Tarantino’s look at Hollywood is based on some truth but colored his growing fascination with violence for it’s own sake and his growing disdain for people


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