Freeway Frank & Co-host ousted from Virgin Montreal


Puget Sound Radio got word earlier today, Freeway Frank and his co-host, are no longer hosting the morning show at Virgin Montreal

Freeway Frank

Freeway Frank has worked from coast to coast in Canada from Vancouver To Toronto, to Calgary and back to his hometown of Montreal.
His radio career has spanned 2.5 decades having hosted all dayparts including Morning Radio for the last decade. Freeway was the host
of the syndicated Canadian Top 20 Countdown from 2003-2007 where he interviewed some of the biggest stars in the music industry
and hosted his own daily show on Sirius XM Canada

No word as to what is next for our friend Frank

A developing story…


  1. Sad to see how many quality radio people are losing their jobs. The radio industry has lost complete touch with the only thing that still keeps them on the radar in 2019; personality and local programming. Just look at this guy’s social media (IG). Never seen anything like this reaction for a radio host, since Kid Carson got booted. It’s unreal. Looks like Virgin Radio is already teasing a brand new show for Monday. No good-bye, no explanation. The ultimate F you to their listeners. Bell Media doesn’t care about anyone or anything.

  2. Radio’s owners may still be wearing suits, but not that many are fooling anybody.
    This is particularly so as people can plainly see them leaping out of clown cars.
    And those big floppy clown-shoes are still a dead giveaway.


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