Karina Gould, The Liberal Cabinet Minister Who Wants To Control Social Media, Is Spreading Misinformation On Social Media

Karina Gould (file photo)


by Spencer Fernando

August 6, 2019

Karina Gould claims ‘Ford defunds our public education system…” Yet education spending in Ontario is up.

“Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government is charting a gradual path to balance in its first budget, keeping a lid on spending increases and promising to take the province into the black only after the next provincial election.

While health care, education and transportation will see modest increases in annual funding, most government ministries will face cuts to their budgets, including the ministries of Environment and Social Services. Sixteen of 22 government departments will see their spending fall this year.”

– The Globe & Mail, April 11, 2019

Note again the first sentence of the second paragraph:

“While health care, education and transportation will see modest increases in annual funding…”

Education funding is going up. Under the Ford Government.

With that fact in mind, consider what Liberal minister Karina Gould tweeted:

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  1. I am into my 6th decade and when I see little $hits like Gould to take her silver-spooned entitlement and tell me “what’s best for me”, I am sorely tempted to break out the papier mache make a likeness and burn in effigy. In Minecraft, of course.

    C’mon folks. Trudeau, Morneau, McKenna, Freeland, Gould. Is this the best Canada can come up with? Or, perhaps more correctly, is this the governance that Canada votes for?

    If it is, we are well and truly Fooked.

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