CONFIRMED: Off-Air Bloodbath at CTV Vancouver




Reports are circulating of the turfing of several behind-the-scenes longterm employees at CTV Vancouver as of yesterday. Gord Lansdell says as many as six editors and five news photographers were let go, including ENG Operations Manager David Alexander and Senior ENG Chopper 9 News Reporter Murray Titus. Titus had been with CTV since 1997 and Alexander since 1998.

*** Since the news originally broke, CTV has confirmed the layoffs without revealing how many.  One additional name has been reported gone after years of service .. crew chief/floor director Jim Walsh, who had been with CTV for more than 21 years.




  1. This is the stuff you get when you as a news network stop providing qualitative news reporting and give virtual zip true investigative news journalism. When you push fake news including suffering from TDS , support online and public censorship, virtue signal, take handouts from government and shill for anti-Canadian, anti-western world, anti-USA, anti-national values leftist globalists.

    It’s not just CTV nor is it only in Canada, but much of the western world.

    Oddly I’ve been picking upon Youtube, clips from SKY TV Australia and it does seem that Sky is moving even just a little bit away from rabid virtue signalling, leftist, anti-western ideals and dealing with real issues imporant to most people in Australia and the western world.


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