‘I’m Going Home’: Jeff Douglas bids an emotional goodbye to As It Happens


As It Happens host Jeff Douglas sits down for a final interview before leaving the program to host CBC Nova Scotia’s Mainstreet. (Andrew Nguyen/CBC )

It’s been eight years since an up-and-coming performer best known for his starring role in the famous I am Canadian Molson ads stepped foot into the studio at CBC Radio’s As It Happens.

Jeff Douglas would go on to become one of the most beloved co-hosts in the program’s 50-year history, forging an incredible bond with his listeners, his radio colleagues and, of course, his co-host Carol Off.

Now Douglas is leaving As It Happens to return to his home province of Nova Scotia as the new host of the weekday afternoon show Mainstreet.

But first, he sat down for an in-studio interview with Off to bid her — and all of us — farewell. Here is part of their conversation.

I want it to be clear right from the beginning that I’m not going to pull any punches here.

I would never expect you to.

But we have to ask you very seriously — why are you abandoning us?

Well, I ….

Come, come, now, Mr. Douglas, are you trying to avoid this question?

I’m going home. That’s why I’m abandoning you. And I would never have left to go anywhere else. I had no desire to leave As It Happens. I just had a desire to go home to Nova Scotia.



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