RIP Radio Broadcaster Doug Linn, 79


The sad news arrived via an e-mail from our old friend and fellow retired broadcaster Clive Kitchener:

An advisory that Doug Linn died Saturday in Chilliwack. He’d been in hospital for about 1 month. He was aged 79.

I don’t know his full history in radio but I believe his last gig was in Chilliwack. Before that JR Country (Mornings ?) and prior to that in Nanaimo but at which station I don’t recall.

A voice as big as all outdoors. Maybe even bigger.

I’ll pass along more info when I get it but that could be a while. His partner is devastated and is dealing with her own significant health issues.

 Doug Linn

Michael Linn is Doug’s son.  He was good enough to supply Doug’s radio itinerary:

My Dad worked at CHUB in Nanaimo. Then went to work for CHNS in Halifax, Nova Scotia, then CFCH in North Bay, Ontario. After North Bay he worked for JR Country (CJJR-FM) Vancouver morning show from 1985-87. He then went to work for Star FM (CKSR-FM) Chilliwack, before retiring in 1996.



  1. Hi,

    Thank you for your post on our dear father Douglas John Linn. If you require any details please feel free to contact us directly. We know our father’s story and history in radio well.

    Please see Obituary posted in the Chilliwack Progress.

    Thank you

  2. In early 70’s I worked for short time with a Doug Linn on the Canadian Coast Guard on the west coast. He also worked in radio as an announcer. He and his wife lived on Bowen Is. Same person?

  3. I met Doug in 1985 while I worked at CKAT the sister station of CFCH in North Bay, Ontario in 1985 he was one of the nicest people I met. I’m sure he will be missed where ever he has been.

  4. Hi,
    Yes this is the same Doug Linn. He was in the Canadian Coast Guard. Our family started out in Bowen Is then began our travels throughout Canada. From BC to Nova Scotia then to North Bay, back to BC to JR Country then retired in Chilliwack at Star FM.

    Larry you could not be more right, he will be so dearly missed. His two children and 5 grandchildren are so saddened by the loss of our father.

  5. To Doug’s family, sorry for your loss.

    I worked with Doug on one of the “R” Class Cutters, at that time, I think it was the the Rider from 72 – 73. My girlfriend and I came over to Bowen for the weekend with Doug and his wife.

    He had told me lots of silly stories about working on radio. One when he was in Ottawa, and there was a short closure on the bridge from Hull to Ottawa. When it was re opened. He made that announcement that the bridge connecting Quebec with Canada was now open for traffic. Always remembered that story.

  6. I had the good fortune to be Doug Linn’s wife for the past 10 years . He was the sweetest, most generous, funniest, most talented (watercolor paintings, radio personality, writer, and teacher), and the best friend I ever had. His illness and death broke my heart and spirit for some time, but with the help and support of friends and neighbors I am now able to start a new life. Doug is in my heart and on my mind at all times and I am so pleased to find this site full of kind words about the big guy with the big voice. Thanks to those who posted nice things here.


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