A Tory MP resigns then blows the lid on the myth of BBC impartiality


April 6, 2019

On 1 April, MP Nick Boles quit the Conservative Party. He claimed this was “because my party refuses to compromise”. Following his resignation, Boles laid bare his reasons for leaving and also made a staggering announcement. He indicated that Theresa May’s refusal to compromise on Brexit may be influenced by Robbie Gibb, her head of communications. This is the same man who was in charge of the BBC‘s live political shows during the EU referendum.

“The media should be honest”

Boles quit the party after his ‘soft’ Brexit amendment was defeated for a second time.

On 3 April, as May met with Jeremy Corbyn to allegedly find some common ground, Boles claimed that Gibb “is a hard Brexiteer” and wants to “destroy” any “cross party compromise”:

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  1. They should go for a hard brexit and start with a clean slate. The sky won’t fall and items that need to be negotiated will be done from a position of strength. The global establishment that has been screwing the entire planet needs to be reigned in or removed. Hard brexit is a first step.

  2. Total agreement !

    The EU is already in mid collapse and they have very much has proven that without control of Immigration and without Defined Borders and the ability to Defend those Borders One has no country.

    The whole idea of the EU was doomed to fail from the beginning.

    Europe and the UK should have never gone beyond a Trade Agreement like the European common Market where Free Trade is accommodated but countries maintain control of who is accepted into any one country.

    It was obviously a Fatal Mistake.

    The EU Elections will soon take place and there will be a lot of push back against EU Leadership, Tusk, Juncker, Merkel, Macron, and other EU Elites.

    Of course we do not see much of it on CNN, BBC, CBC, MSNBC, and the rest of Liberal Media but France and other Countries are going through hell dealing with Taxation, Migration, Government Bloat and Waste, and Bureaucratic Bungling.

    People are simply sick and tired about being dictated to by a whole group of Trolls from Brussels.


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