Former CTV Anchor Tamara Taggart Running for Fed Liberals in Van-Kingsway


She’s the latest in a long string of media personalties to try for political seat, but they don’t always do well here in B.C.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Tamara Taggart speak to supporters at a Liberal nomination event in Vancouver, B.C., on Sunday March 24, 2019. BEN NELMS / THE CANADIAN PRESS.

Days after being hammered in question period for being “a fake feminist,” Justin Trudeau swept into Vancouver Sunday night to boost his party’s new ‘star candidate’ Tamara Taggart at a nomination event.

The former CTV news anchor is set to take a run at the Vancouver-Kingsway riding held by NDP powerhouse Don Davies in the next federal election. While media personalities don’t always succeed in leaping to political office here in B.C., her nomination, and the Prime Minister’s appearance in Vancouver, was easy to understand for Gerald Baier, an associate professor of political science at the University of B.C. to explain.

“The party wants to do well around here, but there’s other things going on. (Trudeau) spent the last couple of question periods in Ottawa being accused of being a fake feminist and things like that, so a strong female candidate is great visuals for him. At the same time, she’s a star candidate,” he said.

“I do think a big part of being a good candidate is being able to communicate and being telegenic and all those sorts of things, and obviously someone like Tamara Taggart has all those qualities.”

Still, Baier said the performance record of media personalities at the polls here in B.C. “isn’t all that great.”

For example, journalist Kirk LaPointe lost a race for Vancouver mayor in 2014, former broadcaster Stephen Andrew lost a bid for Victoria mayor that same year and another for council in 2018. Former broadcaster Steve Darling failed in his run for office as a Liberal in the 2017 B.C. election. Darling did, however, win a council seat in Port Coquitlam last year.

Notable among those who have successfully made the leap to politics in B.C. include Liberal MLA Jas Johal, Kelowna Mayor Colin Basran, and Christy Clark, the former premier.

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  1. Christy Clark doesn’t count. She went from disgraced politician, got a sweet gig at NW thanks to Patrick Kinsella, then decided to jump back into politics when Gordon Campbell went down in flames.

  2. How can a former weathergurl turned newscaster now become a politician? What qualifications does she have for the job. Did she ever run for elected office prior to this. Is that what it takes to bamboozle the public. Good GRIEF 🙁

  3. Like every other candidate for office, she should be asked the tough questions about her policies and promises. That’s up to us voters. Do not expect the local media to dive deep. They’re too busy with cute animal stories.

  4. She has NO Hope in Hell of winning that Riding.

    As Bad as the NDP are Van – Kingsway is a safe Riding for them.

    Van – Kingsway may be one of only a few the NDP Win right across Canada.

    The October 2019 Federal Election may be the “Last Rodeo” for the NDP.

    Mr. Singh will lead them to an embarrassing defeat and they will end up with a “Rump” of a Party.

    I believe they will then be forced to merge with the federal Liberals and they name of that new Party will be “The Liberal Democratic Party of Canada” .

    Conservative minded Voters must not split the Vote, the 2020 Election may be the last chance the Conservatives have to get Elected.

    Do Not Split the Vote !

  5. yougotit??? Are you kidding???? You question her qualifications to be a politician???? Have you just arrived here from a distant planet? Let me introduce you to some high quality politicans
    Justin Trudeau substitute teacher and ski instructor (fledgling ass grabber)
    Lizzy May. Paid to talk but not to make any rational sense.
    Barack Hussein Obama. No real life experience and no political savy. Black and electable.
    Ted Kennedy poor swimmer and tends to flee
    Horgan anger managment graduate
    Svend Robinson part time jeweler
    Jenny Kwan food critic and wine aficionado.
    Jagmeet Singh?????????? Sikh
    So I could go on and on and on . Tamarra is almost over qualified . Sadly Jesus Christ would need to join a union to get nominated in this riding. Don Davies was a Teamster lawyer that attended many of the Local 31 union meetings.

  6. 13:

    When Tamara Taggert loses in the next federal election, will you eat your words, i,.e. print out this page and eat it with ketchup, live, on youtube or facebook !

    I DARE YOU !

  7. yougotit you can eat s–t if you want. I in NO WAY endorsed Ms Taggart. She doesnt have a hope in hell wining a VERY safe NDP seat. (as illustrated by the dense Jagmeet Singhs victory) My only effort was to point out the idiotic statement where you claimed she had no qualifications to run for office.
    She can speak coherent phrases without UHM every second word. She isnt a jewel thief. She hasnt stolen from the poor and gave to herself. She isnt getting by on her race card. She hasnt displayed outbursts of rage. She hasnt abandoned her secretary in a sinking car . She hasnt (yet) bloated up like a beached whale at the buffet table.

    To make it clear so that you dont feel the need to double dare me to eat anything my point is that a lot of politicians get by without being qualified in any way shape or form Just like people that post arent always qualified to comment

  8. You Got It

    Obviously YOU Did Not Get it !!

    The original Post of 13 reads much different than what you took it to mean.

    I suggest you re read.

    As a matter of fact I DARE YOU to Re-Read !

    De Caff, “Got It” , De Caff !!

  9. What an Ego that women has. I wouldn’t hire her to clean out our outhouse. What are the liberals thinking. Very poor selection.


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