A Little Berner in the night to appear with Drex on Sunday Tonight!!!

David Berner



This Sunday night LIVE across Canada… Former all-night radio host across the Corus Radio network (93-99) @DavidBernerTV will join us in #theShiftwithDrex studios to chat radio, the state of politics & his new one man show…



  1. This is a show I am looking forward to hearing. Berner was very good and it will be fun to see how he interacts with Drex and company, especially Bob Addison.

  2. I am ashamed of myself for completely overlooking the OBVIOUS. Drex please, please please figure out someway to have Mr Berner cover for you when you are not available. If nobody else hasnt twigged to that idea they havent hear the talent that currently sits in when Drewx is away.

  3. I believe David also did weekend afternoons on NW from about 2004 to 2006? My dates could b e wrong, but close…. look forward to listening on NW tonight (Sunday) at 10 until 2am

  4. No two ways about it, Berner has always had a following. Perhaps his Drex appearance will keep his regular listeners from the past up late. Maybe they’ll even take part in the broadcast. As for Bob Addison, he and David are not strangers to my knowledge.

  5. Unfortunately, there is no room, or management appetite for talk show hosts who’ve ‘aged out.’ Big media companies want young employees, who will work long hours, work cheap, do not strain the benefit plan and follow direction. Doesn’t matter that they’re uneducated, ill-informed and lack life experience. That’s why you have silly, pablum talk radio like Drex, and geezers like Adler now sound out of place. That’s just the way it is.

  6. Talking head. The most extreme example of a no talent no life experience no dignity and likely works cheap is one Eric Chapman.

  7. Use to be in a job interview your potential boss would ask you about your experience and skills whereas nowadays in radio the first question is what are the salary expectations.


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