At Trudeau’s behest, Gould instructed Google News to limit Canadian access to foreign press



At Trudeau’s behest, Gould instructed Google News to limit Canadian access to foreign press




  1. Well our PM said he admires Communist China, so why would he not try to stifle Canasdians access to foreign media. ALL LIBERALS ARE ESSENTIALLY SOCIALISTS AND LUSTFUL FOR DICTATORSHIP POWERS!

    Liberalism is a mental illness and if left untreated will lead those who suffer from it to insanity.

  2. “referring multiple times to specific criticisms of the Trudeau government that she found objectionable”

    Ha Ha Ha >>cough<>cough>> >>wheeze<< Are you effing kidding me? Minister for Democratic Institutions? Talk about an Orwellian descriptor. What next? A ministry for Figuring Out What Sex You Are? A Ministry For Generating and Maintaining Enthusiasm For Globalization?

    And SHE found it objectionable. Meanwhile, 20+ million Canadians are AOK with it.

    Funny isn't it? The women in Cabinet who actually are accomplished, got demoted and edged out. The women who are space-fillers for Sex-Ratio Equality, are still in and annointed.

  3. George in Richmond, you pretty much nailed it. My only hope for our PM is that his rocket ride to stardom is small blip compared to his spectacular plummet to a disgraced politician.

  4. Unless the Canadian Electorate are as Inellectually Challenged, as Inept, as Impotent, and as Motally Corupt as PM Justin himself he is Done and he will lose the October Election.

    His Minions are up to this point “All In and they too are Rolling the Dice” hoping for a Miracle.

    PM Justin is more than Discredited and he has in a very short period of time proven that “The uh Emperor Has uh No Clothes” !

    PM Justin has no choice as because he is so Discredited he will have NO Book Deal, NO U.N. Job, NO Corporate Board of Directors Offers will come his way and he cannot Teach. PM Justin HAS NO Choice, he must run again, it is his “Hail Mary”, and it will fail.

    His Liberal Minions on the other hand will more than likely ever recover if they are individually defeated in October.

    They are making a Fatal Mistake if they continue to back him and if they do not force him to “Fall Over Onto His Sword”.

  5. It baffles the imagination to try and understand why anyone would stand behind Justin Trudeau in a show of support. That would apply to before he decided to flush his career down the toilet known as SNC Lavalin. To the crowd of idiots that have decided that they will still blindly support the failed substitute drama teacher/ski instructor each and every one of them deserve to swirl around the bowl right behind JT.

    As far as his sham/scam/charade as some sort of enlightened new age sunny ways femmenist and an embracer of all things diverse…….. ask the woman that Justin groped . The earlier actions that a female misunderstood. Now look at Jody Wilson Raybould. I looked himin the eyes and said Mr. Prime Minister ….. stop. Apparently much like grabbing a womans ass can be misunderstood , JWR was unaware that when your boss tells you that your decision will cost him his job and you stand firm and lose your job its your fault for not understanding.

    Justin has lost every shred of credibility . Sooner or later the texts and other information that JWR wants to release will see the light of day and the geek civil servant and the guy named Butts will have a companion to cry with.


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