Vancouver Sun: Feature Story re George Garrett Autobiography


Legendary CKNW reporter George Garrett, who was hard to beat, finally tells his own story

by DANA GEE, Vancouver Sun reporter

CKNW’s George Garrett at his downtown studio desk just a year before retiring from the business. MARK VAN MANEN /VANCOUVER SUN

For four plus decades, if there was something worth reporting on CKNW, George Garrett was there.

A kind of Zelig of B.C. news reporters, Garrett was on the ground level for pretty much all the big stories from the mid-1950s until the end of the 1990s.

“It was a lot of luck, but I guess also I might have had an intuition on some things. Others were just pure serendipity that I happened to be there at the right time,” said Garrett recently about his habit of being there when the big stories broke.

During a recent conversation, Garrett talked about some of those right place, right time moments.

One instance had Garrett flying in on a helicopter to cover a Native blockade near Lillooet. Reporters from other news outlets had already been there for a few days watching nothing happen. Garrett said no sooner had he landed than rows of RCMP officers marched in to enforce a court order.

“The other reporters were pretty upset. ‘Bloody Garrett, he’s so lucky’ ” said Garrett, adding a laugh, but not too big of a laugh. That would be smug and that isn’t George Garrett. “I just seem to have a sense when things are going to happen, but of course I missed a lot, too.”

Now 20 years after his official retirement from CKNW Radio (he also worked for BCTV, now Global TV), Garrett has released his memoir. George Garrett: Intrepid Reporter takes readers into some of B.C’s most memorable news stories, as well as delivering a picture of the man behind the microphone and the wheel of the news cruiser.



  1. Growing up in New Westminster, CKNW was on all day in our house, and it had some of the best reporting and entertainment on the air (as well as off the air)! George Garrett was one of the best and many of us remember him well, I can’t wait to read his book!

  2. I grew up listening to George on NW,and then had the pleasure of working with him for a while in Trail,where he did a short stint as GM ,before going back to NW. Helluva guy,great family man, and as smart a broadcaster as there has ever been. Congrats on your new book,George. Well done.

  3. I had the pleasure of working with George for 10 years at CKNW. Yesterday my wife Cindy and I went to see George at his book signing in White Rock. We were pleased to see so many people lined up to have their book signed. 20 years after retirement still a broadcast legend. We are looking forward to reading the book. Congratulations George!


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