Media needs to listen to Maxime Bernier answer the questions – Could this man be Canada’s Next Prime Minister?




Published on 18 Feb 2019

Maxime Bernier to campaign in Burnaby South by-election
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  1. What a breath of Fresh Air!

    Maxime Bernier is exactly the kind of politician I’ve been looking for, for years..

    He can count on my vote

  2. Maxime Bernier is the right man at the right time. Canada like the USA is at a crossroads. One future is a distopian and anti-Canadian, anti-American, anti-Western World, anti-Liberty, high taxes and socialistic with our current f@ggy socks wearing, drama teacher, trust fund PM Trudeau future. Sadly Sheer who is a soft in the middle faux Conservative does not improve on things much. The only man who is willing to tell it like it is and make clear his and the PPC party’s platform is Bernier and his future WILL BE BETTER… Miracle worker? No likely not but the best for PM and I trust he will make amends with POTUS Trump while being diplomatically strong for Canada.

    It may be a gamble to vote for him and his PPC candidates but if you believe in a Canada that had great values, that was once endeared too by most and great for a middle power western world nation, then take that chance on Bernier and his team come October 2019.

  3. Take a chance on Maxime and re-elect Trudeau.

    Maxime should have tried harder to lead the Conservative Party and change it but splitting the right wing vote will just give us more of the trustfunder.

  4. hey MCGA, I was thinking the same thing. Obiously obiwan did not listen to the interview. Bernier is the one who can take us out of this mess. Andy Scheer, like Trudeau, is a Globalist, not a Nationalist. That’s one of the reasons why he signed the Paris Accord. Then of course, there’s Supply Management which benefits only a few, not All Canadians. It’s because of Supply Management we pay such outrageous prices for eggs, cheese and dairy products.

  5. obiwan,

    Bernier is likely to take votes away from the Liberals, for not all classic liberals are closeted leftists. Just as there were Reagan Democrats back then and dare I say working class Democrats who supported/support Donald Trump, many centrist Canadians, small “c” conservatives and Paul Martin like Liberals will see a lot more in Bernier than in “uh uh uh uh,” f@ggy socks, anti-Canadian values, virtue signaling hypocrite and UN loving globalist Trudeau.

    Scheer had an opportunity to distance himself from the mess of anti-Trump, self-loathing, anti-Canadian ideals of theTrudeau Liberal Party, but has actually drawn himself into the same sphere as Trudeau has… No! maybe not as bad or as hateful towards traditional Canada but Scheer seems to stand on many of the same Globalist, UN loving anti-sovereignty ideals as Trudeau does. He is proving to be Trudeau light and I trust or hope more TRUE CANADIANS of all backgrounds, be they born here or immigrated (many leaving their shithole nations to come here) here see this and the two parties essentially unravelling 151 years of what was one a great nation that once punched above its weight.

    If Bernier splits votes he will draw from Liberals and Torys even a few working class NDPers maybe. If Scheer is just Trudeau light, but not wearing f@ggy socks or crying rivers of faux tears as he apologizes for 151 years of Canada’s existence as trust fund baby Trudeau has and does, well what difference is it if either unravell our once great and proud nation into a new 3rd world cess pool in maybe 4 years or 8 years?

    The western world is at or near a cross roads, in one camp, globalist, leftist, anti-western, self-loathing politicians and bureacracies who virtue signal and intersect with non compatible to western values Islamic ideals all with the hopes of erasing the only great society ever, the western developed world, or in the other camp a general return to national identities, national values and self determination, where each nation carves out their own future but work towards MUTUAL COOPERATION and expansion of western developed world values. Is that perfect? NO! but the only human system to have proven to work for the betterment for all.

    Maxime Bernier and his PPC party is Canada’s hat in the ring so to speak.

  6. Now if we can only get our country to get there head out of there butt and vote for him and the PPC. He will do great for us and not afraid to stand up

  7. I would like to agree with those that do not believe Max and his Minions but I cannot.

    By voting for Max and the PPC Canadians are guaranteeing another several Terms for PM Justin, perhaps as many as 3 Terms.

    No matter how One wishes or spins this issue Max will Split the Vote.

    To make it worse Singh if he survives Feb. 25 and the NDP will be decimated by getting about 25% of the Federal Vote and the NDP will be left with a Rump of a Party.

    After that result and within a year or so the NDP will have no option but to Merge with the Federal Libs and they will then be known as the Liberal Democratic of Canada.

    When that takes place it will be almost guarantee and make certain that we will not see a Federal Conservative Government in Canada for many many years.

    If PM Justin manages to hold power for a period of say 3 Election Cycles we will a dramatic increase in the size of Deficits, Debt, Government Bloat Regulation and Bureaucracy, Carbon Tax, Personal and Corporate Income Tax, Personal Asset Tax, Death Duties and anything else he could throw at us.

    We in Canada will be every bit as bad off as many Countries in the EU and perhaps even worse.

    Yes I heard the interview and under normal circumstances I would support PPC but onetime seems we need to think with our Head and not wish with our Heart.

    We Conservatives can not afford to “Split the Vote” , to do so could mean the end of the Conservative Party being a serious Party to challenge the Liberals.

    How many decades do you have to rid Canada of PM Justin, and what would be left of our Economy and how much Debt would we have after another 3 Terms Of PM Justin?

    Yes the Western World is at a Crossroads but we in Canada cannot throw away the opportunity we have to rid ourselves of the PM and Liberals, it appears the SNC Lavalin Scandal will seriously affect the Liberal Vote right across the country, let’s not Split our Conservative Vote and lose this Great Opportunity.

    Max is not doing any of us a favour.

  8. BMCQ: Why would you stay with a candidate/party that has not promised to put Canada and the people of Canada (like you and me) first !
    Maxime referred to the Liberals and Conservatives as ‘LibCons’ for a reason.
    Why vote out of the fear created by the mainstream media ?
    Vote for the best person, that you think will do the best job !

  9. BMCQ made another good point. The LIbcons control the corporate and government media so you can guarantee that Maxime will either get negative coverage or none at all. Enough people are brainwashed daily by the likes of Bell and the CBC that ANY vote splitting will keep Justin around.

  10. MCGA

    I refer you to the obiwan Post directly below yours.

    Again, Scheer is not perfect but Canada and Canadians can not afford another Generation of Mensa Member PM Justin and the Liberal Party.

    Frist things first and the most important factor in saving Canada from everything I described and pointed out is the Defeat of PM Justin and the Liberals.

    Max is unfortunately putting his own Ego, Hunger for Power, and Frustration of losing the Con Leadership to Scheer he is willing to “Throw Canada Under the Bus” and that makes me question his Character.

    You and the rest of the Electorate are Voting for the Future of Canada and coming Generatiins in October, I suggest you think seriously about what your Vote for The PPC might do.

    Again, if the NDP Collapse and they merge with the Liberals into one Party this May be our last chance to Defeat thevLiberals for 20 years or more. Think of the Irreperable Damage thst could be done over that time, Canada May never recover.

  11. BMCQ: The World is undergoing political change, think Trump in the US, and Yellow Vests in a number of countries including Canada. Will Canada miss out on this chance to take the power away from the establishment and return it to the people ?
    The establishment media continues to lose audience for a reason. Don’t let the bought off media tell you who to vote for.
    BCMQ, where do you get your news from ?

  12. What do you mean ‘Where do You get yours News from”?

    My ideas are basic logic and common sense.

    My background is Chemistry and Math, I have been in business for many years and I have a long record of success in several endeavors, I am not being influenced by anyone in Media.

    My Company does Business World Wide and unfortunately I travelled to 17 countries last year some of them being “Sh*t Holes”, and manage to know and understand how their Politics and Bureaucracies function. I DO know how to Get My News” and understand how Politics works.

    I called Brexit and Trump but I DO NOT let Emotion or Juvenike Dreaming Rule My Opinion Making, I will not allow myself to be Bound By a Straight Jacket of Ideology. Critical Thinking.

    It is in fact you and others here that are allowing yourselves to be swept in an emotional storm of Wonder Lust, that is not a good recipe for success in anything.

    Critical thinking and common sense are much more beneficial to anyone seeking which Political Party works best for them.

    If the PPC manage to Elect even just 20 MP’s you will have Facebook, Twitter, and Twitter King PM Justin as Canadian Leader for at least another 16 years, can You and Your Family afford that?

    Do you want your Children and Grandchildren want to live in a Society where your Federal Cabinet is based on Gender Equity where Qualifications and Ability matter not?

    Death Duties, more Carbon Tax, Personal, Corporate, Income Tax Increases beyond Control, Asset Tax, Goverbnent Bloat and Waste, Political Correctness gone Mad, and so much more.

    Elect the Conservatives and Scheer, let them Govern, earn support, and if a change is needed then cross that bridge, DO NOT GIFT PM Justin with another Election Victory, he does not deserve it and Canada cannot withstand an extended several more Terms of PM Justin.

    I will put my Level of Success, Judgement, Critical Thinking, and Common Sense and Resume up against you anytime, DO NOT ask me where I get My News from.

  13. BMCQ: In France Macron built a party and won in 11 months. Why can’t it be done in Canada ?
    Instead of voting strategically, vote for the person who you think will do the best job.
    Do you think Scheer will do the best job, and why ?

    Please feel free to post your resume for the board to see.

  14. Considering a vote for Max as one that will take away from others and ensure a Trudeau win is certainly a ‘safe’ play. On the other hand, life is risk and, given Trudeau’s corruption troubles, my play is that Trudeau may actually get a minority government with the Scheer’s Cons just behind and possibly Max and the NDP a distant third, with the NDP having enough seats to allow Trudeau to govern. Sure, tha almost sounds like a nightmare scenario, however, minority governments are usually not long-lived.

    Max Bernier is certainly a likeable fellow, but his being lazy with DND documents around the lady who was formerly associated with a biker gang, does take the shine off the apple a bit. Plus, I am not as adverse to supply-management farming policy as we could never compete on a level playing field with the US given their subsidies etc etc. If we throw the farmers to the wolves, they will get taken over or be lost and we lose our food insurance policy.

    With respect to carbon tax, it is straight out-and-out bull$hit. The whole man-made global warming thing. It is all based on a society run by Technocracy, a movement started in the early 1900’s.

    With respect to immigration. I wish Max would go as far as he does with his Libertarian-Economic views and just say that we need to hit the Pause button until everyone that is already here is assimilated into our “Old Stock” Canadian ways. Those ways built this country and recent digressions from this has made our country a measurably and tangibly crappier place.

    One more thing. I am a bit surprised that Max has not recruited Dr. Kellie Leitch in some way. She was, in fact, the first person brave enough to call out the myth of immigration and even went so far as to say (which I fully agree with) that the CBC needs to be dismantled.

  15. George

    Both of my parents families were Legal Immigrants to Canada and personally I am Pro Legal Immigration of People that are willing to come to Canada under Canadian Terms.

    Immigration, Migration, and Refugees should be a Major plank of the Conservative Party, Canadians want better than what they are currently getting from PM Justin and his Disengaged Shoulder Shrugging Attitude to Migration and Open Borders.

    Canada should never allow Migration/Immigration of People into our Country thst believe their Religion tskes presedense over Canadian Rule of Law.

    Personally I believe the U.S. need some kind of DACA Immigration Reform but they need to secure thevBorder and stop ALL Illegal Migration and restrict False Asylum Migrants from Mexico, Central or South America, Sweden, or Denmark.

    With the coming Wall on the Southern Border the Trump Admin will be even more aggressive With De[ortation of Illegal Convicted Felons from any country. Unfortunately those Felons will not be waiting to be apprehended for Deportation to their Homeland of Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Pakistan, China, or any other Nation, they will in many cases be coming to Canada.

    We have a Moronic, Disengaged, Impotent PM who has already invited anyone that can to travel to Canada and we have ?Progressive Mayors and Premier Horgan who are Soft in Crime, Soft on Drugs, offer Free Shelter, Welfare, Medical, Dental, and anything else they desire, why would Convicted Felons wait for Deportation from America?

    Illegal Migration needs to be right at the Top when it comes to Political Debate, who will step up?

    Canada cannot afford an influx of Illegal Migrants that will be a drain on Housing, Healthcare, Education, Housing, and the rest.

  16. The Burnaby South Byelection

    Liberal – Singh 39%

    Conservative 23%

    PPC. 11%

    Perhaps the Mensa Members that foolishly believe that the Vote for Max and the PPC will not guarantee another perhaps Three Terms of the Liberals and PM Justin might take notice.

    There will be a lot more of this in October and those results will change the Life of You, Your Children, and your Grandchildren.


  17. Considering the low voter turnout, I say Bravo! 10% for PPC in a BC riding is huge! People want to be on the right side of history. Canada First! I understand the PPC’s put $50G into each of the three ridings. Going to be interesting to see how much money the ndp conservatives and liberals put into their campaigns.

  18. BMCQ: Be reasonable. The first by-election for the PPC took place in an NDP stronghold riding.
    It will be interesting to see what would happen in a Liberal or Conservative riding.
    If you are Scheer, what is your strategy now. Do you offer to amalgamate with the PPC or risk losing the election ?

    The ‘Mensa Members’ here are still waiting for you to post your resume for the board to see.

  19. It was great to see LLTT scored in the double digits, what I find depressing was 4 out of 5 people didn’t even bother to vote, meaning 80 to 85% of the electorate didn’t even show up at the polls . Lots can happen between now and election day with the PPC securing all 338 ridings with their own candidates. It ain’t over til its over. One thing for sure, Maxime Bernier will be the best debater.

  20. Naive, Silly, and Juvenile.

    Familiarize yourself with Critical Thinking, Logic, , and Common Sense.

    Split the Vote if you wish, obviously you do not have much to lose while PM Justin remains in Power for 12 more years introducing Death Duties, more Carbon Tax, Higher Corporate, Personal Income Tax, Asset Tax, more Government Easte and Bloat, an ever rising Deficit and Debt, and much more.

    Not me.

  21. I am honestly not sure Scheer would be the best PM for Canada.

    I have already stated that opinion.

    Scheer and the Conservatives are however the best and only chance anyone has of defeating PM Justin and the Liberals.

    It matters not that someone else like Max and his Minions may be more favored by a certain number of Canadian Voters, there is absolutely NO WAY Max and the PPC can win in October.

    This is not hard to grasp and understand, to not recognize what will happen with the Split Vote between the Cons and the PPC is simple Juvenile and Wishful Thinking.

    The NDP are more than likely going to get a bounce from BBY South but they almost look to be in free fall and they may get only 15% of the popular vote which will translate into very few seats which even taking into account the fact that the Liberals are in trouble with current Policies and Leadership still means the Liberal Base may pull through with better results in Quebec.

    Again, between what I have just pointed out and the very real possibility of a “Split” of the Centre Right Vote between the PPC and the Cons and the end of the NDP, an amalgamation of the NDP with the Liberals and another Generation (3 Terms) of PM Justin.

    How would you feel about that?

    You can choose to “Spin” this any way you choose but by “Splitting” the Centre Right Vote you are courting Disaster.

    Look, I will be ok, I can , will, and have provided and taken steps to look after my family for generations. Yes I will pay more Tax of many kinds including Corp, Income, Cap, Asset Tax, Property Tax, and the rest but it will be manageable.

    The Poor will be looked after because of policies of the Liberal NDP Alliance and increased Taxation of the Working Middle Class and the Wealthy but that Middle Class will soon be Taxed beyond comprehension and they will become the Working Poor and that will be Catastrophic.

    Make your choice, go for the glory Split the Vote and lose or stand together and Defeat the Federal Liberals and their Pretend PM.

    It is up to you.


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