Victoria’s KOOL FM Teasing a Change


Listeners to KOOL FM 107.3 are reporting a tease promoting a change.

“On February 8th, Victoria gets its newest radio station.”

Will we know any more before Friday?   Stay tuned.


  1. Virgin or Bob or ??? Bet on the morning show being simulcast (with local support/news)
    from a Bell major market. Probably Vancouver. Done properly (unlike the Tarzan Dan debacle at JACK a few years ago) it can work very well. “Big” morning show has more resources–and talent– than what Victoria could afford. That’s why Ryan Seacrest is on so many stations. He’s a “show”

    Of course I could be entirely wrong. Just speculatin’……and really, whatever it is, Ed and Cliff need not worry :- }

  2. No, it’s most certainly not. And regardless of other users posting random Bell brands under variations of my name, the station becomes Virgin on Friday.

  3. Just to put your mind at ease Don. The individuals you suggest is using a name similar to you, its not true. One goes by Donald. the other Donnie and you, Don! Actually, there are different posters, three different URL’s


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