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Dean Martin’s daughter vows to continue Singing ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’


“’Baby It’s Cold Outside’ is a cute, flirtatious and romantic song written by Frank Loesser in 1944,” Deana Martin told Fox News.

“I personally love performing ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ and will continue to do so,” added the fellow performer, 70. “Merry Christmas!”

Dean died at age 78 in 1995 from acute respiratory failure. And since then, Deana has never stopped sharing her father’s legacy on stage to new, curious listeners.

“I’m always thinking about dad, what he went through in his life and how the world has changed,” she previously told Fox News in 2017. “He was a sweet, generous man who would just get up and do his thing.”

The song sparked controversy during the holiday season when a radio station in Ohio pulled it from its lineup after a listener expressed concern over the holiday song’s lyrics.




  1. Dean Martin is my altime favorite crooner. Sorry blue eyes but Dino seemed very comfortable in his skin. Great actor, awesome singer. Missed along with all of his contempories.

  2. Here Here Deana… You keep on singing that classic, great flirtatious and fun song. Your dad sung it the best IMO.

    13, I agree, Dino was such a classy man, great voice, great actor, handsome reflecting what is a real mans man. I enjoy many of his movies, with arguably Rio Bravo where her costarred with John Wayne, Rikki Nelson, Angie Dickinson, Walter Brennan and others maybe my fav. His Celebrity Roasts of the 1970’s (of which I have on a DVD box set) were/are also fun and great to watch.

    Yes! He and others of his stature of his contemporaries have been and will continue to be missed.

  3. Not a thing wrong with the song. It’s fun, tongue in cheek style. Just too many people being PC. #metoo needs to concentrate on more mportant and personal things. Radio stations should not be caught up in the movement except by paying attention to how employees are treated or are treating others.
    Happy Holidays! I mean, Merry Christmas!

  4. @Les & H. and others

    Rio Bravo. The only other movie with this much “Man’s man” (and that was/is a good thing) testosterone is probably The Magnificent Seven, with The Dirty Dozen thrown in as honourable mention.

    I grew up with Dean Martin, The Duke, Steve McQueen, Frank Sinatra, William Holden, Robert Mitchum, and even Curt Jurgens showing the way to be a Man’s Man. Celebrities, sure. Flawed, sure. But who cannot take in Robert Mitchum’s performance and story of Thunder Road without reflecting on what it means to be a man, when Life gives you tough choices.

    Going from Man’s Man to a family member’s recognition of legacy, a traditional value that seems to be lacking these days, Hat’s Off to Deanna for carrying the torch.

  5. Fortunately, I grew up in a time when life was so much simpler and there was no social media. I have no idea when all the b.s. is going to end. I will return to my cave.

  6. George In Richmond

    YEP! I’ll add Clint Eastwood too for showing us what a real man (movie characters and his own real life) do and keep confident and accountable.

    Back in September Turner Classic Movies had a series of Dean Martin movies on, including his Matt Helm movies….

    The Silencers (©1966)
    Murderers Row (©1966)
    The Ambushers (©1967)
    The Wrecking Crew (©1969)

    I was watching these off my PVR in recent days and they are just fun, spy almost spoof-like movies, which I feel probably have been a bit forgotten over the years but really people should watch them for entertainment value and how they showed light on how peopled lived and thought like in the 60’s especially men and women in terms of relations, sexuality and attitudes.. MEN WERE MEN AND WOMEN LOVED THEM FOR BEING SUCH! WOMEN WERE WOMEN AND MEN LOVED THEM FOR BEING SUCH 🙂

    There was a underlying battle of the sexes but unlike how things today are leading to the destruction of our western world in part by feminism notably 3 rd wave, these battles and mind games between men and women were much about women being who they are and not faux men, using their femininity, sexuality and beauty both inside and outside to well keep men on the ball so to speak and men used their natural vitality, strength, character and handsomeness with western manly values to well keep women on point in life too. It was more fun, mind games sports and sexuality and not the in your face toxicity of today’s male/female world.

    OH YEAH and to finish my points, if one wants fun, sane battle of the sexes with touch of flirtatiousness and general emotional appeal, starring Dean Martin but also and kind of stealing the show in part Eli Wallach (aka: Tuco in The Good Bad and Ugly) and Stella Stevens as the cute but confident female costar, check out HOW TO SAVE A MARRIAGE BUT RUIN YOUR LIFE (©1968) 🙂


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