Former KGO All Night Host Ray Taliaferro Missing in Kentucky

courtesy          November 26, 2018
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    Former KGO-A/SAN FRANCISCO host and ABC O&O KGO-TV anchor RAY TALIAFERRO has been reported missing, reports the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE.

    TALIAFERRO, 79, the host of KGO radio’s overnight show from 1977 through 2011, has been missing for two weeks and was last seen near a MELLOW MUSHROOM pizza restaurant in PADUCAH, KY on NOVEMBER 10th; his wife reported him missing that day from their home in MASSAC COUNTY, IL, about 20 miles away from PADUCAH. PADUCAH police have issued an alert and say that TALIAFERRO may be experiencing “disorientation and signs of dementia.”

    The PADUCAH POLICE DEPARTMENT is taking calls from anyone with information about where TALIAFERRO might be at (270) 444-8548.


Published on November 26, 2018 at 1:24 pm by Ron Robinson


November 27, 2018 - 9:13 am

Les H.

When I first discovered KGO810AM one insomnia filled night Sept. 1983 it was Ray Taliaferro whom I first heard over those air waves. I was a teen and politically developing, I was a bit of a Reagan follower at the time. I did balance some early leftist leanings with the America proud ideals. Mostly as a fan of anything military I was a bit pro US teen then.

Hearing Taliaferro that night and from then on quite regularly 1983 till the KGO blood letting in 2011, I thought that night and for the longest while he was a nut, a freaking crazy leftist and yes a black racist. I would roll my eyes often listening to him, but he was also entertaining.

Between Taliaferro and other night time hosts on KGO 810 and locally CJOR 600 and CKNW 980. I did not see how they were blue pilling me. Though I never went all out bat shit crazy Ray Taliafero and Bernie Ward, notably but not only them got me to begin a long length of virtue signaling. I felt good without really seeing back especially in the 80’s its seeping affect on me to cry for others whom the liberal and leftist media painted as victims of the evil conservative, Republicans and corporate greed etc.

To stand on figurative soap box, to bleed my heart, virtue signal and cry for any others who the left and liberal media painted as a victim of society and its heartlessness while NOBODY APPEARED TO GIVE SHIT FOR ME, A THEN 20 SOMETHING WHITE MALE was a part of my early adult life. In fact by the 2000’s the leftists around us and liberals in media affected me to want to figuratively beat myself up to show blind virtue signalling to any of their painted up FAUX EFFING VICTIMS OF WHAT THEY SAID WAS A GREEDY AND HEARTLESS SOCIETY!

KGO and Ray played a part, though in truth it was me to be so malleable to liberal-leftist tears and faux fears.

I’m not saying Taliaferro and many others in liberal media were all wrong. NO! MOST SANE PEOPLE HAVE A HEART! The question was and is why and how do we help others and notably those in need and who are real victims? Liberal, leftists push more government and more blaming of others who appear or are better off than those who may not be so better off.

It felt good through my blue pilled era to virtue signal and beat my chest while I clucked my tongue and then wagged my finger towards those the left and liberal media said were BAD!

I am not saying we all should think the same and that liberals have no place. Provoking thought and discussion (though the left does not really want to discuss anything today) on all sides is a good thing, but then never ending faux victim hood when taking little to no personal responsibility and to blame others who appear or are better off and less liberal or loving of more government solves nothing.

Taliaferro did a lot of that EACH LATE NIGHT on KGO810. I look back and see his entertaining personality and yes teeth grating verbiage. I now see how he and other liberal radio hosts did push to shape my early adult life blue pilling.


November 28, 2018 - 2:28 pm


Les H

Very interesting!

Your story is much similar to other once Left of Centre Idealists I know. It is always nice to see someone come out from the “Blue Haze” and see the Light!

Thank God like them you were able to Exorcise yourself!

I hope your story is widely read.

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