Trudeau Government Announces $600 MILLION Media Bailout ??? Buying Votes!



by Spencer Fernando

November 21, 2018

It’s even worse than many people feared.

In their economic update, the Trudeau Liberals have announced a series of measures that add up to a $600 million media bailout.

Instead of letting the Canadian People pick and choose which media companies to support freely, the Trudeau Liberals are forcing you to bail out the media that they pick – using your tax dollars to do it.

The government has announced a series of ‘tax credits and incentives,’ which will cost $600 million over the next five years.

While the dollar amounts of the bailout have been announced, the government says the specifics will be decided after they consult an ‘independent panel.’ Among the expected ideas are a ‘tax credit’ (really cheques being sent to media corporations) for labour costs and content creation, alongside a tax credit for subscribers of digital media sites.

Surely it’s just a coincidence that the Toronto Red Star just put a paywall in and is shifting towards a subscription model…

Of course, nobody on the panel will recommend not giving the media a huge bailout at taxpayer expense.

The big problem is that – beyond the waste of taxpayer dollars – the government will be picking which media companies end up getting bailed out.

The Trudeau Liberals are trying to hide the true nature of the program by saying it will be ‘independent’ from political interference, but everybody who understands life knows that’s a total joke. Whoever picks the ‘independent panel’ has the power, and it’s easy to pick people who will do exactly what you want them to do.

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  1. “This is disastrous for Canada, because it means that any remnants of a free press we once had WILL BE LOST. The big problem is that – beyond the waste of taxpayer dollars – the government will be PICKING which media companies end up getting bailed out.”

  2. This is bullshit, what the hell is with these liberals? Buying the election. As a long time voting liberal, this has crossed the line, big time! One of my problems is I find Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party of Canada almost as bad as the liberals. They support the Paris Accord, have no problem with Supply Management nor the United Nations. I’m beginning to find this Max Bernier and his new Peoples Party of Canada, very appealing

  3. This is what CRONYISM looks like.

    There is NO PLACE in government bailing out any corporations. The government’s place is governing. It is responsible for what should be appropriate but as minimal as possible regulations on the economy. It should only create taxation that is applied as equitable as a possible.

    Proper but minimal regs, proper and equatable taxation will allow more healthy investment ans corporate competition.


  4. The thing is to never watch main stream media – stay off facebook and instagram, and don’t have a twitter account. You can go to twitter as a guest to follow people that you want to follow without signing up. Use search engines such as DuckDuckGo and Ghostery instead of chrome or ones associated with the internet companies. Don’t give those billionaire leftists any support whatsoever. Just got back from a trip to the U.S. and noticed that CNN is no longer playing at LAX, Orlando, or O’Hare airports any more ??. Used to be that they were on every monitor 24/7 in airports. I guess since they dropped below HGTV and the Cooking Channel in the ratings they can’t afford to pay to be shown. Let’s do the same to our television stations in Canada!

  5. It’s outrageous but the average Canadian doesn’t care. This sort of corporate welfare has been going on with the Canadian media for decades. It’s made the Rogers, Thomson and Shaw families billionaires. The Conservatives were just as guilty of shovelling money into their pockets as the Liberals so don’t expect any changes in the near future. Do what Rick does and try not to give the MSM any of your time or money. I deleted all my social media when they started engaging in blatant censorship. I don’t miss any of it and quite frankly I feel much better not contributing to the problem. I highly recommend it as a way to improve your mental health and overall well being.

  6. I agree with virtually each and every comment posted above.

    Unfortunately Canadians are not surprised because they are well aware that “PM Empty Suit” Knows No Boundaries and he will stop to any level to manipulate the Media and in turn the Electorate.

    Disgusting and Sickening, should we be surprised?

  7. The Conservative party is a complete and utter waste of time. They are nothing but Liberals in disguise with a few little tweaks. If you’re unhappy with the present state of affairs Bernier is the only option. Unfortunately I don’t see him doing anything other than keeping Trudeau in power.
    The majority of Canadians are apathetic or thoroughly brainwashed so the old saw of “you get the politicians you deserve” holds true.

  8. If you want to see how propaganda works Thomson style check out of the front page of the G&M today. Of course no mention of the media slush fund that Trudeau set up just in time for the holidays but an article on how the Liberals are lowering taxes for Corporations to keep up with what Trump has done in the US. This is the same Trump that the G&M slams editorially relentlessly but when it suits them they use him to further their own agenda. I refuse to subscribe to the Canadian version of Pravda but read the “free” articles without limitation by clearing their cookies out of my browser when necessary.

  9. THANKS for more fuel for the worlds first “Global Revolution” against Govt which is coming to a continent near you soon……..I’m not kidding.

  10. I believe the word used by the government was that money will be given to ‘trustworthy’ media members. So this means groups the Liberals can trust to carry their water.

    All others will be smeared by the Liberals as being Nazis, racist and bigoted.

  11. Rick, I am with you all the way. In fact, when the guy at the bottom of the Skytrain station is shoving his damn Metro or whatever rag it is at me, I always yell out in a loud voice “Does anyone actually believe the crap that is in there”.

    The problem is that Trudeau has his hand in my pocket to take my money and give to the CBC without my say-so. I am pro-state broadcaster, as long as it stuck to it’s mandate of giving voice and communications to the nether reaches of Canada. Instead of some monster edifice in Vancouver, for example, there should be a CBC shack in every town in the country that does not have free to air and is not served by “the others”.

    Does anyone wonder, when you look at the background in some of the local and Toronto-based broadcasts and see 30 to 40 computer workstations with people banging away at keyboards and or milling about. Totally insane. Especially when one considers they are just broadcasting the 4am narrative anyway. For all those people that say that under Trump, the USA is now Clownworld, well, under Trudeau, we are SoyWorld with media obsessing over what socks Prime Minister Trudough is wearing instead of wondering why he has taken a sudden interest in swimming lessons.

    I certainly remember when George W Bush got elected and all us Canadians were shaking our head and wondering at how the Americans, who had of pool of 300 million to chose from, could be so stupid as to pick the offspring of a former leader. Indeed, us Canadians would never be so stupid as to vote in favour for this kind of nepotism? Oh, wait.

  12. George in Richmond The CBC has so much Trump US news broadcasters who dont get any Trudeau handouts probably have more Canadian content than them.

  13. The dying gasp of a dinosaur form of information dissemination. When failing, always look to government to bail out the losers. The government always comes through. It’s year end, so watch for huge bonuses given out to the corporate suits in Toronto media head offices. They wouldn’t have had their million dollar bonuses otherwise.

    Interesting that “The Rebel” is not considered trustworthy since this one news organization keeps exposing stories such as the refugee debacle in hotels (with video – just in case the resident naysayers insist its fake news) and the border runners -again with video – including interviews with USA taxi drivers who drop refugees off at the border so they can cross into Canada. The Rebel reporters were incredulous that the local NBC affiliate in Plattsburgh NY has a studio within a few miles of the border, but they reported nothing about this even though this news was happening in their own backyard and this affiliate has a large Canadian audience!

    Meanwhile, CBC Marketplace – a consumer show – sets up sting operations to “prove” that white Canadians are racist. When they found nothing, they hired actors to be racist!

    Then the corporate media wonders why we, the ignorant unwashed, don’t trust them anymore.
    And, more importantly, we’re not watching, listening to, or reading their junk. Shameful.

  14. So trudeau is buying votes. Seems that most of the msm were already in the trudeau tank so realy he wasting his money(err I mean our money). Currently UNIFOR is propagandizing their members to support special initiatives. Not unusual for the public sector unions to support unbridled government waste I guess the private sector unions have been sitting on the sidelines long enough watching their public sector brothers and sisters belly up to the trough. Unifor represents many media workers. Welcome to the trough .

  15. Gestapo 1939 again!
    Isn’t the RCMP Bad enough?
    Are you kidding!
    Can we actuactually learn from recent history, as in my grandfather or yours fought the Nazi regime.
    Canadians get off your couches and stop watching fucking hockey.
    This Dick is creating a new fatherland under your noses.
    Please get up and respond.

  16. Thank god for Rebel Media the rest of them have always been Liberal butt kissers so now they are being paid to be that way kind of like the CBC


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