Jim Acosta White House Press Pass Suspended


by Cristina Laila

Gateway Pundit

November 7, 2018

Jim Acosta’s White House press pass has been suspended following the incident wherein he assaulted a female White House staffer on Wednesday.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders broke the news:

“President Trump believes in a free press and expects and welcomes tough questions of him and his Administration. We will, however, never tolerate a reporter placing his hands on a young woman just trying to do her job as a White House intern.

“As a result of today’s incident, the White House is suspending the hard pass of the reporter involved until further notice.”


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Watch youtube clip of confrontation with Acosta



  1. Acosta looked like a fool. His attempt to get a great soundbite backfired. He walked into a Trump trap, and got what he deserved. Let that be a lesson to all so-called journalists who think ‘controversial’ is the way to get the answers you want. There was no information or entertainment value in Acosta’s attempt to trump Trump. Ask any good interrogator, and he/she will agree…you get more out of your suspect by coming through the back door.

  2. All right wing responses recorded so far. To me, Trump looks like a fool here. It is the job of the press to hold a leaders feet to the fire. By taking away Acostas White House press pass, he is just firing up the whole press core. If one can be fired, they all can. The U.S. is not one of Trumps businesses, he only cares about his core, which will always be a minority.

  3. Brad

    Let’s think about this.

    Forget that DJT is President, let’s imagine that this was an Obama Press Conference and the Reporter “Playing Keep Away” with the Microphone with the Female Staffer was a FOX White House Reporter.

    What would you or others say about the FOX Reporter Tugging the Mike away from the Obama Intern?

    BTW Trump and the GOP actually made Pick Ups in the Senate. Keep in mind that the Senate where the Decisions are made.

    It looks like the GOP may end up with a gain in the Senate.

    How would you explain that?

  4. Hey Brad,

    Go and look at Jim Acosta’s rude behavior at previous press briefs and conferences and you’ll see this has become a trend with him.

    IMO, a reporter, when necessary, should be assertive in trying and get answers to their questions.

    However, Jim Acosta becomes overly aggressive and rude when asking the president or WH press secretary questions. It’s almost like he eventually wanted to get suspended so he and CNN would have another distorted story to use against Trump.

  5. Acosta isn’t a journalist and his employer isn’t a news network therefore he’s isn’t entitled to be at a news conference in my opinion.

    CNN is the equivalent of professional wrestling. They create fake villains and drama for the amusement of an audience but it has nothing to do with hard news.

    CNN owner Comcast is a global corporation and Trump is a nationalist they can’t control so he must be defeated by any means necessary.

    Even if you believe Acosta is a journalist he certainly wasn’t acting like one by grandstanding and refusing to let someone else ask a question. He looked like a little boy holding his privates when the intern tried to take his microphone away.

  6. From what I hear most of Acosta’s colleagues don’t like him either for obvious reasons. They just don’t want to speak too loudly because of the fear of being blacklisted by the left.

  7. Courtesy Gordon F.D. Wilson

    When the media become the story, they have lost the story.

    Look, I am no cheerleader for Donald Trump, but working in my office yesterday I received an alert of the live broadcast of Trump’s post-midterm press conference. I was curious to get his take on the results, so I watched from beginning to end.

    I saw the incident referenced in this article. The President recognized Jim Acosta, who represents CNN. The man’s conduct was appalling. He was rude and belligerent. He did not ask a substantive question, but directed accusatory comment toward the President, and when asked to yield the microphone he refused, pushed the young woman tasked with retrieving it away and kept speaking.

    His actions were so unprofessional that one has to wonder, was this a stunt to get noticed and thus increase CNN profile and ratings? Or does the man have such a personal dislike for Donald Trump that he can no longer provide rational behaviour and unbiased reporting? Either way CNN’s fair and “trusted” coverage of the White House is severely compromised in the eyes of a non-partisan audience.

    Here in Canada we have no stake in this fight, at least not directly. But what starts to become acceptable political discourse and behaviour in the US often leaks into our country, so we need to pay attention.

    The media has a crucial role to play in reporting events and holding elected officials to account. But, taking on the role of Opposition isn’t one of them, because when the media becomes the story, they have lost the story..

  8. Maybe I’m old school, but shouldn’t you show respect for the President of the United States? The corporate press seems to have forgotten that. Good thing he’s not vindictive …. or better yet, good thing Hillary is not president. Those pesky disrespectful press people would just “disappear”.

  9. It’s not as if President Trump is asking reporters to supplicate and genuflect themselves before him the way the media does for Prime Minister Trudeau.

    Imagine if we had an Acosta-type of “reporter” in Canada asking serious questions of the PM and others. Even stupid questions (as Acosta is wont to do) would suffice.

    TBH, about the only guy in Canada to seems to actually hold feet to fire regardless of political stripe is Anthony Fuery. Well, I should toss in Vaughn Palmer and Mike Smith. They do a stand up job for BC politics

  10. Acosta got what he deserved for his juvenile behavior at the press conference. It’s also no surprise that CNN is standing by him and covering for him by making excuses for his behavior and lying about what happened, despite video evidence proving their lies wrong (which they then attempted to flimsily lie about and make excuses for as well, like the proverbial children with their hands caught in the cookie jar), which only demonstrates why CNN’s credibility level is now at zero.

  11. First of all, I still find it odd that Canadians get so fired up about what happens in American politics. Nothing in this episode effects Canada in any way shape or form, yet on TV, radio, and the internet so many Canadians are arguing about it rather passionately from both sides. I will say this though, remember when the Dems tried to block Fox News from interviews with the head of the Treasury Department under Obama, all the other networks refused to interview him unless Fox was included, and the Dems had to relent.

  12. Ray

    There is a Huge Difference!

    It is impossible to compare the two examples and I think you know that if you are honest.

    Canadians care about what is going on in theU.S. politics, Media, and Trump because they see what PC SJW Media is doing to Fight the last 2016 Election in the U.S.

    And oh yes, Canadians are upset because they see Uber Liberal Media giving Canadian Selfie King and PM Justin a Free Pass for the same reason that same Media Vilify Trump, That Same Media believe it is them that controls the Narrative, not the Voter or the Tax Payer.

  13. Anyone on either side of the 49th that cant see or hear how absolutely one sided the MSM has become is either blind or deaf. To listen to CNN you would think that DJT lynched Obama and has taken control of the White House by force. Up here in the frozen tundra we have the man child Trudeau. He is an embarrassment of epic proportions. Yet the media chooses to look the other way when he forgives 2.1 Billion to a car company. Or he screws up our veterans before remembrance day . Or we hear that Ottawas favorite corporate charity is axing thousands of jobs while paying dividends to Bombardier executives . Or he goes on another apology tour. Or he done another costume to pander to another group of ethnics. Or he takes free holidays from another country we give aid to. Or so many gaffes that he should have a regular weekly sitcom.

    Welcome to Canadas favorite game show. Drama teacher or Prime Minister you make the choice.


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