My Favorite Flashback! Today, featuring The Diamonds


It was 1957, The Diamonds, from Canada (no cancon during those years) released their classic hit, Little Darlin’ in the United States.

Little Darlin’ was originally written by William Maurice and recorded the original version with his group called The Gladiolas.

The original members were Dave Somerville (lead), Ted Kowalski (tenor), Phil Levitt (baritone), and Bill Reed (bass)

It was in 1953 Dave Somerville, who was a sound engineer for the CBC in Toronto, met three other guys  who liked to sing as much as he did. It was at that time, they formed the stand-up quartet called The Diamonds.




  1. What a great song. I never realized The Diamonds were Canadians. As you pointed out, we never had cancon during those early years. Paul Anka, another Canadian did well in the US market


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