‘Fox Nation’ Streaming Service Debuts Nov. 27 @ US $5.99 a Month

A promotion for Fox Nation featuring Tomi Lahren

Fox News announced on Thursday that the over-the-top service it has been teasing for months, Fox Nation, will formally hit the market on Nov. 27 and will cost US $5.99 a month (or $64.99 per year).

“We are incredibly excited to bring our viewers exclusive access, content and experiences from our Fox News stars at an attainable price,” said senior vp development and production John Finley. “In an on-demand era of viewers watching content wherever and whenever they want, Fox Nation will complement and enhance our powerhouse Fox News programming for the loyal superfans who want to remain connected to our signature platforms.”

Last week, the network announced that commentary megastars Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Brian Kilmeade, among others, will all be doing new shows for the service.



  1. I can’t see these streaming services being very successful at this rate. It will probably take off once they have companies offering a la carte packages much like the old satellite companies had. The price needs to be competitive, as the cable companies are cut off of this arrangement.

  2. Bill A. – Clinton News Network fan are you? Or maybe you like Rachel Mad Cow……

    I will be buying. I like to hear facts and truth……not crazy FAR LEFT BS and Virtue Signalling. I already watch Fox News Live on Leftwing-Tube because I can’t stand the commercials and BS spread by Simi VACCINE Sara and Gord NEW WORLD ORDER MacDonald on CKNewWorldOrder over there at Global(ist) news…….ALL CKNWs commercials are “misery”mercials like “hope street – renting the chinese laundered house, predatory lending, death plots…..the MISERY list goes on….


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