Ann Curry to Produce & Anchor a New Unscripted Medical Series

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Ann Curry is taking her talents from broadcast to cable, and will anchor and executive produce a new, 10-part unscripted series for TNT, named M.D. Live.

The two-hour weekly event will tap into the worldwide phenomenon of medical crowdsourcing, with Curry reporting true stories of medical mysteries and crowdsourcing for doctors and people experiencing similar symptoms in the search for diagnoses.

While not a traditional newscast, M.D. Live will technically the first live television program Curry has anchored since departing NBC’s Today show in June 2012.

“Real good could come of this. We aim to help break down the walls that still stop people from accessing the medical information they need. Harnessing the full power of both television and technology to connect people interactively with doctors all over the world is a step toward a future when we are not limited by where we live or whether we can find the right doctor,” Curry said in a statement. “This is a new way of doing things, a new genre of broadcasting and a chance to help people.”


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