Faith Goldy sues Bell Media over refusal to run election ads

(Toronto mayoral candidate Faith Goldy (left) appears alongside civil rights lawyer Clayton Ruby at an Oct. 9 news conference announcing she’s filing suit against Bell Media.)


by  Connie Thiessen

October 9, 2018

Toronto mayoral candidate and former Rebel Media contributor Faith Goldy has hired constitutional law and civil rights lawyer Clayton Ruby to represent her in a suit she’s launching against Bell Media for refusing to run her election ads.

The ads were set to run on Bell-owned news channel CP24 during the last month of the election cycle until Goldy received a telephone call in late September from a Bell Media representative informing her the ads would not air and her cheque for more than $13,000 would be returned.

CRTC rules state “If a broadcaster sells advertising time to one candidate or party, other candidates and parties must also be given the opportunity to buy commercial airtime from that same broadcaster.”

If successful, the lawsuit could compel Bell Media to run Goldy’s ads. The controversial conservative commentator appeared at a morning press conference, alongside Ruby, who indicated they’re now awaiting an expedited court date, which could come as early as Thursday.

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  1. GOOD!

    She has lawfully entered the race for Mayor of Toronto. Money her campaign wants to spend on commercial spots is I assume LEGALLY attained. Bell Media is a media corporation under Canadian Law, they are arbitrarily being discriminatory firstly to a WOMAN, Secondly a CITIZEN OF CANADA, THIRDLY ONE WHO WILL PAY FOR COMMERCIAL SPOTS!

    CRTC should FINE THE LIVING HELL OUT OF BELL MEDIA. I’M TALKING MILLION OF $$$$ TO SET A PRECEDENT! THE CRTC should threaten to revoke their license and shut the whole DAMN company down if it fails to follow the law.

    We are either a nation of justice and Canadian laws or were are a hypocritical banana republic and one with vendettas, witch hunts and kangaroo courts, WHAT WILL IT BE CANADA!?!

  2. Confident people don’t ban their opponents (as Faith said in one of her tweets), but insecure people do.

    John Tory is as insecure as they come and he’s afraid he’s going to lose the mayor’s seat because of his weak leadership and pro-illegal immigrant, soft-on-crime liberal policies vs. Faith’s common sense platform, which explains why he colluded with other mayoral candidates to exclude Faith from mayoral debates, refuses to publicly debate her and is falsely labeling and portraying her and her supporters (which weak-minded, easily influenced liberals who oppose Faith have picked up on and are doing likewise, in lemming-like fashion, on her Twitter account, as seen by their name-calling and projection of their own attitudes and attributes).

    How ironic is it that liberals who oppose Faith call her “racist” and a “Nazi” while they ironically support and do the very things the Nazis did and the Communists do (including censorship, exclusion, silencing of opposing viewpoints and of the truth, etc. – even to the point of using intimidation and violent tactics to illegally impose their will) – whereas support for Faith comes from all kinds of racial and ethnic backgrounds who support what she proposes (getting tough on crime, ending illegal immigration, giving breaks to taxpayers, repairing Toronto’s infrastructure, etc.).

  3. Toronto’s municipal elections have little meaning to the majority of us in the west. We have our own problem children to deal with.

    Bell Media is wrong in picking and choosing which candidates can advertise on their stations unless the ads provided are not in accordance with the broadcasting standards they are bound by.

    It would be interesting to see this case go to court where all the gory details are released but I suspect it will be settled out of court.

  4. You have to remember right after Trumps win Soros. Steyer, the Soros kids, and other left-wing billionaires got together and strategized a slash and burn reaction from the left using the violent actions you are seeing in the US right now as well as a campaign to label anybody who leans even slightly right as racist, nazi, alt right, far right or any other buzzword that might make them shrivel up and go away.

    Although Goldy appears to have made some bad decisions in the past by appearing on a questionable podcast what you are seeing is the same tactics being played by the Canadian left on her. These groups are well organized and funded by these billionaires and essentially corporately shame big companies like Bell who really don’t want to get involved and see banning ads like Goldy’s as the easiest way out.

  5. Isn’t this why the CBC is supposed to exist?

    OK don’t blame me for spraying your morning coffee on your monitor, it’s just a simple question.


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